Substance Abuse

Addiction to illicit drugs can destroy every aspect of your life. It can lead to loss of income, destruction of your relationships, turmoil in the family, and deterioration of your mental and physical health. The negative consequences are too long to list, and the upside doesn’t exist.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you or a loved one needs a change. 90210 Recovery is a drug addiction treatment center that’s focused on only one thing: You. Everyone’s struggle with substance abuse is different, and we take a careful, adaptive approach to every client that walks through our doors.

How Do I Stop Using Drugs?

At the heart of any substance abuse disorder is an underlying condition that’s not being addressed. Our recovery program gets to the very bottom of this by dissecting your psyche, uncovering past traumas, and implementing a plan that can lead to long-lasting sobriety.

Drug abuse will lead to a dependency on that drug. Eventually, you’ll feel the urge to take that drug to feel normal, and if you don’t take it you’ll feel certain withdrawal symptoms. When you’re quitting drugs and getting sober, you’ll need to eliminate that dependency through detoxification.

Customized Medical Detoxification

The best decision you can make is to enter a drug addiction treatment center. Upon admittance at 90210 Recovery, you’ll see our MD and medical team, and you’ll undergo a complete blood analysis test to confirm the level of drugs in your system. Our MD will then create a custom medical protocol for your detox, and our 24/7 nursing staff will monitor your vitals during the process. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, we may prescribe certain comfort medications like suboxone.

Drug abuse isn’t the end of your story. When you walk through our doors, you’ll receive quality therapy that will dig into the root of your issues.

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