Drug addiction treatment centers in TonawandaDespite the substance or nature of your addiction, addiction treatment should be tailor-cut and customized to you as an individual, and not just your addiction

Your habits, emotions co-occurring conditions, and thoughts are unique to you as a person.

As you hunt for an addiction treatment program in Tonawanda, search for an alcohol and drug treatment option that uses evidence-based programs

 Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs In Tonawanda

When a person becomes addicted to a substance, the addiction is not only physical but also mental. The mind and body get accustomed to functioning with the help of the substance. It is therefore crucial that you don’t attempt to detox on your own.

The safest and effective way of detoxing is through a medically assisted detox program. Here, you are monitored and supervised by medical professionals. They offer strategies to ease withdrawal symptoms and prepare you for the actual treatment.

 Inpatient Addiction Treatment In Tonawanda

The Inpatient program offers one of the highest levels of care. It offers those struggling with addiction problems 24 hours supervision, and peer and professional support. In an inpatient program, you will work together within an experienced team including clinical and therapy with others suffering the same struggles. This in itself is proven to be effective in treating co-occurring mental health disorders.

Outpatient Treatment In Tonawanda

In the case that you feel you can manage your addictions independently, you can choose the outpatient program. You could begin your treatment here, but it could also be a step down from inpatient treatment programs. You will live at home as you receive treatment and will commute to the facility for up to five days a week. At the facility, you will attend therapy sessions to learn how to deal with and manage your addiction.

 Medication-Assisted Treatment In Tonawanda

Detox clinics in TonawandaMedication-assisted treatment (MAT) is the best choice of treatment for alcohol and opioid use disorders. In this program, you are treated professionally using administered FDA-approved medication. This will call for making daily trips to receive treatment.

Counseling will be a part of this type of treatment program. Behavioral therapy sessions and classes will also be included in the program. Trained doctors will reduce the medication dose as you progress.

Aftercare And Alumni Services In Tonawanda

Recovery does not end at the facility. Sobriety is a life-long commitment. This is why aftercare is crucial. Most of the aftercare services offered at facilities will include Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous, and community programs, recovery programs, and alumni programs. When looking for a treatment program, always choose one that includes aftercare services.

Length Of Addiction Treatment In Tonawanda

It is statistically proven that the length of the stay greatly influences the success rate. The length of stay recommended however varies depending on the type of program one is undertaking.

How To Pay For Treatment In Tonawanda

There are various ways of payment one can choose. These include;-

  • Starting a crowd-funding page (Go Fund Me, etc.)
  • community resources
  • grant assistance
  • Medicaid or Medicare
  • private health insurance
  • a payment plan with the facility

Insurance is also a great way of paying for rehab. Some insurance policies will cover the whole treatment while others will only pay partially and require you to pay out of your pocket. Whichever means you choose to pay through, make sure you are comfortable with it and that it is accepted at your facility of choice.

Substance Abuse Trends In Tonawanda And Erie County, New York

In 2017, over 120 people lost their lives to addiction, in Erie county. In 2018 there was a slight decrease in deaths caused by overdose. However, consider these facts from Erie county.

  • Over 50 percent of drug-related deaths happened in rural and suburban Erie County.
  • The average age of a person who dies from an opioid-related death is only 29.
  • 84 percent of those who overdose were white and 73 percent were male.

 Why Go to Drug and Alcohol Treatment In Tonawanda, NY?

Substance abuse detox, TonawandaUntil the epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction is addressed, there is no hope of a long-lasting recovery. Chemical dependency recovers need a complete change of one’s perceptions and way of life. To increase the likelihood of life-long sobriety, one needs to learn healthy boundaries, coping skills, and stress management.

Addiction is a disease that takes a roll-on not only one’s body but the mind as well. Drug addiction can be co-occurring with trauma, behavioral issues, and health disorders. It sometimes takes weeks, even months of treatment to address and treat the root reasons for addiction. Healing the body by flushing out toxins ensures the patient is in the right physical capacity to heal the mind.

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