Residential drug rehabDrugs and alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous and deadly. Therefore, a patient needs to seek a medically supervised detox program that guarantees safety and comfort. Detox is the process through which harmful substances are removed from the system of a patient’s body. This is because these substances continue to remain in the body of an addict even after days or weeks after they have stopped taking the substances.

On many occasions, the process of detoxification is painful and uncomfortable. This is because the body continues to exhibit withdrawal symptoms as it tries to adjust to these substances’ absence.

Withdrawal symptoms may range from mild to severe. For example, it is common for the symptoms to be accompanied by seizures and stroke. Most addiction treatment programs offer medically supervised detox through the help of experts and experienced staff. Medical detox is conducted per the detox and treatment program structured for you.

Addiction Detox Duration in Teaneck

Just like any other addiction treatment program, there is no specific timeline for detoxification. The process depends on the severity of your condition. The process may last for several hours or several days. After detox, patients may be required to spend more weeks or months to undergo the full treatment.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centerSome of the factors that determine the duration of detox include:

  • Existence of other mental health conditions that a patient may possess
  • If a patient has attempted undertaking a detox process
  • Addiction duration of the patient
  • Method of substance intakes such as snorting, swallowing, or smoking
  • The amount of drugs that the patient used to take in a given period
  • Detox environment selected
  • The rate of substance abuse
  • The severity of the patients’ addiction
  • Health and wellness state of the patient
  • Type(s) of drugs and substances that the patient has been abusing
  • Family history of the patient
  • Genetic composition of the patient
  • The patient’s aims and goals

The detox process typically takes an average period of eight days. However, certain substances may take longer to detox. They include buprenorphine and methadone. A tapering detox process is required for patients who are addicted to these substances. Hence they may need much time.

Average Cost of Detox

The cost of medical detox varies considerably based on many factors that are considered during detoxification. The recovery program that a patient chooses greatly influences the cost of detox. For instance, outpatient and inpatient treatments offer different plans.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Teaneck Drug Rehab 

Rehab Center Location

The setting and location of a rehab facility is an essential factor that one needs to consider when selecting a rehab center. Avoid rehab facilities close to a neighborhood that poses the risk of relapse and addiction triggers, especially in an outpatient program. A person undergoing addiction treatment in a Teaneck drug rehab needs motivation, and they should focus much on their recovery journey.

Availability of Medical Detox

Substance and alcohol withdrawal can be fatal. Since detox is an essential element in addiction treatment, it should be conducted in a medically controlled environment by experts. This ensures that the process is completed in a safe and comfortable environment. For this reason, it is crucial to consider a rehab center that offers a medically controlled detox program. You should choose an addiction treatment program that focuses on your safety.

Things That the Patient is Allowed to Bring to the Facility

A good Teaneck drug rehab center should facilitate patients to develop healthy routines away from drugs and alcohol. It is essential to determine what you are permitted to carry with you if you wish to join a residential program. 

Teaneck  alcohol addictionSome of the basic stuff is allowed into a residential treatment center. They include: 

  • A journal 
  • A list of medication that you may be taking
  • An alarm clock 
  • Clothes 
  • Athletic outfits 
  • Calling cards 
  • Debit or credit cards 
  • Hygiene and beauty products that are not alcoholic 
  • Laundry detergent 
  • Identification documents 
  • Pictures of loved ones
  • Stationery 
  • Shoes 
  • Small bills 
  • Toiletries 

Finding a Drug Rehab Near Me

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We offer medically supervised detox, residential inpatient programs, aftercare and alumni programs, and family support. Contact us today and let us begin the addiction treatment you need and deserve.

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