Not all drug rehabs in Stonington offer hospitalized detoxification, residential recovery, a partial program of hospitalization (PHP), a sober living home, and ambulatory care to adult abusers or mental health problems. This is why Stonington residents should travel to 90210 Recovery where they can get these services.

Outpatient programs

Stonington drug addiction treatmentAt 90210 Recovery Center, we provide treatment through an intensive care program (IOP) as well as a partial hospitalization program, for those ready for a move down from hospital detox outpatient recovery services are recommended if you have a sober home and family support. Treatment typically lasts 10 to 16 weeks for an outpatient person.  

Outpatient services exist in the community and can differ in length and severity. They provide individual and group counseling, preparation, and other rehabilitation programs.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Stonington

Stay or home rehabilitation services offer 24-hour assistance in healthy and drug-free surroundings. Seek a hospitalization center that provides evidence-based advice.

Home therapy may be holistic and involves specialist therapy such as music therapy, yoga, horse therapy, and wildlife therapy. Such interactions will help you discover your strengths when cultivating safe recovery behaviors.

Detoxification programs

The Detox program is intended to assist participants in the medically regulated environment to stabilize the effects of drugs. Our aim in this process is to support our customers than help them recognize their addiction and strengthen a long-term recovery plan.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

90210 Recovery encourages direct assistance services for medication-assisted care (MAT). The FDA-approved drug medication uses buprenorphine and naltrexone as well as peer and therapy group support.

Medication-assisted care may be integrated in or separately in the group in a residential recovery program. Certain MAT programs will last up to one year and more

Aftercare and Alumni Services

You will continue developing your skills in sober living and restoration through other people and aftercare following completion of a rehabilitation program at 90210 Recovery. You may wish to continue your community or individual guidance or to take part in 12-stage meetings or other peer support groups.

Military Program

 Drug and Detox treatment programs in StoningtonActive duty members of the military and veterans whose lives changed due to drug use, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and mental health problems have not been manageable can also get help at 90210 Recovery and get out drug-free. 

Treatment plans for drugs should be tailored to suit your needs. You can find some common program lengths within your individual treatment plan, like:

  •         120 days
  •         90 days
  •         60 days
  •         30 days

Paying for the treatment at Stonington

Many drug recovery services embrace private health insurance contracts. You should contact the addiction center you wish to travel to for more inquiries. 

You can also find services that include grants, scholarships, incentives, and private payment systems. You may be able to support your friends and family to pay for treatment and you may also find assistance on crowdfunding platforms.

North Stonington, Connecticut Patterns of Drug Abuse

Drugs resulted in a fatal car crash in March 2019, in which an elderly couple from Stonington died.  A 73-year-old Groton citizen hit the couple and killed them as they were walking.

  • Between January and June 2018, 217 people were receiving alleged overdoses of opioids and other drugs in hospital emergency rooms.

At 90210 Recovery Center, we offer a calm atmosphere for healing, rehabilitation, and recovery from substance use disorders. Do not wait any longer if you are undergoing drug abuse and addiction since we can help. Call us today on 1-844-462-8571 and we will help you. 

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