Drug and alcohol addiction is becoming a menace throughout the United States, and Stamford, Connecticut is not an exception. Suppose you or a friend or someone you know is struggling with drug abuse, reach out for professional treatment services as soon as possible to avoid overdose and other situations arising from this problem.

A recent study by  Stamford Advocate indicates that Forty-four individuals have died from opioid-related overdose between 2015 and 2018; this brings forth the need for community awareness, rehab programs, detoxification, and professional treatment. 

 Finding and Choosing Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment in Stamford

If you have been around Stamford or been living there, you should probably know the Connecticut State Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services is responsible for overseeing addiction treatment. 

Drug and alcohol treatment centres in Stamford Take a look at the criteria below before you embark on a rehab facility:

  1. Certification: Check whether the facility has a license for providing treatment services.
  2. Treatment for co-occurring mental disorders: A patient dealing with recurring substance misuse or relapse. The most comprehensive care should provide for dual diagnosis treatment.
  3. Science-based Approaches: The last thing clinicians want to experiment with is psychological procedures, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. It is important that people considering treatment look into whether the facility is embedding evidence-based methods in their medicine.
  4. Family contacts: Families play a critical role in providing support structure. This support is vital, especially for convalescing patients.
  5. Individualized treatment plans: Addiction is a very complex disorder; rehab clinics should tailor a customized treatment plan to deal with the unique individual situations. This way, the patients have better chances of healing.

Overall, considering the availability of Rehab clinics in Stamford, we advise patients to write a list of their personal treatment goals before setting the ball rolling. 

Stamford Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs

You can choose from a diverse set of rehab programs available to Stamford residents. We, however, recommend you speak with an intake professional to get a better insight into the most appropriate type of treatment tailored for your case, the following highlights some of them:

Opioid & Alcohol Treatment Programs

Patients diagnosed with Severe opioid-addiction will be referred for medication-assisted treatment (MAT). This process is very critical and requires a physician’s supervision. Physicians designed MAT for opioid and alcohol use impairments. 

MAT Incorporates medicinal Interventions like methadone to alleviate intense pain, cravings, dependence, and withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, our facilities will engage patients in structured therapy, peer support sessions, and other related treatment services.

Residential/Inpatient Drug Rehab

Also known as Residential treatment, this program happens immediately after detoxification. 90210 Recovery center recommends Inpatient drug rehab for patients with a long history of dependency or severe dependency.

In this type of care plan, patients have access to physicians’ services at any time of the day, providing them with any medical attention that may be required. And depending on how fast the patient is moving on, the programs can be short-term or long-term. 

 Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox Programs

Drug Rehabs in Stamford Several treatment procedures point to adverse consequences associated with abrupt withdrawal from drugs or alcohol which can be harmful to your body, which is why drug and alcohol detox programs provide medical advice and assistance to help you through your journey. 

Our physicians suggest that you seek medical assistance during the drug detox phase, as there may be intense withdrawal symptoms, leading to relapse.

While detox is an essential treatment component, treatment plans should go beyond detox to uncover hidden mental, physical, and emotional disorders that impact healing—several options for detox centers. 

Patients should understand that it is essential that recovery does not constitute detoxification alone. Therefore, choose a treatment center that offers treatment plans along with the detox process. 

Begin Recovery Today

90210 Recovery also offers alumni service programs and continues with previous efforts. Aftercare services include peer counseling, scenario manager’s advice, skills training, and mindset conditioning. At 90210 Recovery Center, we care about you and do not fear your drug addiction. Call us today to start your journey towards recovery. 

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