An essential mediation that is the foundation of the early recovery process is the application of medical detoxification to clear the body of the harmful substances that have mounted up as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. Abuse of a substance results in psychological and physical dependence on it.

Drug dependence disorients the person both mentally and physically and affects their loved ones. In some cases, marriages have been broken as a result of substance abuse.

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms in a Springettsbury Drug Rehab

Drug and alcohol abuse treatment in SpringettsburyWhen a person quits substance abuse, they may experience many withdrawal symptoms, which can cause physical and mental harm and can even be fatal. Some of the withdrawal symptoms that an individual might experience include depression, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, seizures, muscle pains, contractions, fretfulness, and restlessness.

These withdrawal symptoms affect a person physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Because of the probable harm existent in the withdrawal symptoms related to substance abuse, it is vital to have a medical detox so that an individual can be attended to professionally and switch into formal treatment options. Whatever kind of drug is being abused, be it illicit drug addiction or prescription drug addiction, detox is extremely helpful.

Why Home Detox Often Fails

Drug and alcohol detoxification is beneficial to those who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. It helps maintain sobriety in the long-term. Though sometimes it is possible to quit on your own, the fact is that attempts to quit without medical assistance often fail and can present great health risks.

The key reason why home detox fails is the lack of medical assistance. Without professional medical support, it is extremely difficult to endure the withdrawal symptoms listed above. Most people will relapse due to the pangs of the withdrawal symptoms.

Another reason why the abrupt and complete cessation of taking a drug is harmful and medical detox is required is that a co-occurring disorder that may have been the cause of the substance abuse will not be diagnosed. Without establishing the root cause of substance dependence, the individual is prone to relapse after a short period.  

Another reason that may render unsuccessful the attempt to detox at home is that the person is still exposed to the familiar surroundings and even people with whom they abuse the substance.

Benefits of Medical Detox

Addiction treatment and recoveryThe benefits of undergoing a medical detoxification process at an addiction treatment center are innumerable. Those benefits can be seen in three ways:

  1. Evaluation – a blood test is conducted to establish drug concentrations in the bloodstream and any co-occurring psychological or physical situations, as well as other social and medical assessments.
  2. Stabilization – the patient is assisted medically and through counseling sessions and other therapeutic sessions. It helps patients achieve a substance-free state, preparing patients for a comfortable aftercare program.
  3. Adopting Entry into Treatment – preparing patients to enter proper drug rehabilitation through counseling and support as they begin intensive treatment.

In some cases, mainly for heroin and some opioids, substance detox procedures require gradual weaning off for the individual to become medically stable. With any alcohol or drug detox process, the experienced and licensed staff must ensure that the detox procedure occurs with the patient feeling safe and secure.

Substance use disorder usually affects many aspects of an addict’s life and can be quite overwhelming as it pertains to handling the issues. Understanding addiction facts is the first step towards learning how to overcome addiction and flourish in recovery.

Getting to know the many sides of addiction is beneficial to the addict and their family, friends, and another support system. Understanding and affecting the information from addiction facts can offer firm structures that can guide the addict and their support system to significant recovery.

Get Help Today

In a nutshell, medical assistance is, on many levels, beneficial for any person suffering from substance use disorder. Medically assisted detox is almost always as successful as the person undergoes both physical and mental treatment under qualified professionals. Seeking medical treatment is an important step towards sober living. Reach us at 90210 Recovery, and our highly qualified team will walk the journey with you.

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