Residential Treatment Programs in Spring ValleySpring Valley is a suburban area in San Diego County with an estimated population of 30,000 residents. Residents appreciate the city’s friendliness, affordability, and diversity. Spring Valley is convenient to San Diego with its fresh-air recreational opportunities, such as San Diego Wildlife Refuge and Sweetwater Summit Regional Park, which has fishing and camping.

As has been observed in most of the United States, there has been a rise in drug abuse and use in the past years. According to experts, there is a national public health crisis linked with heroin use. It is more of a medical problem than a moral failing.  If you have an addiction resulting from use of pain pills and are worried about the use of alcohol or other drugs, know that there is help as you try to learn healthier habits and break your addiction.

Spring Valley Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Inpatient Treatment Options in Spring Valley

When you decide to start your journey towards getting sober, an inpatient treatment program is often the most effective way of treating the person as a whole.

This is an around-the-clock intensive experience where the patient’s behavioral, psychological, and medical needs are catered for while receiving regular monitoring. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, residential treatment is most effective for at least three months and can run for up to 2 years or more.

 Addiction treatment may incorporate medications that help the patient with other issues like depression and anxiety or ease the patient off illicit drugs. Motivational or behavioral therapy, as well as marriage or family therapy, may be included in a group or individual setting. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs in Spring Valley

Residential Treatment Programs in Spring ValleyFor some clients, it would be a time-conscious or cost-effective solution to go for partial hospitalization. Instead of being a full-time resident at the facility, the patient attends five to six hours a day of treatment to receive behavioral or cognitive therapy, medical treatment, and drug counseling just as they would receive if they were in inpatient treatment. 

This program is more cost-effective as the patient is not living in the rehab center, and it leaves the patient with enough time for work or school. A patient living in a safe environment and receives support from friends and family should choose this program as it is effective for them

Spring Valley Outpatient Treatment Programs

In this arrangement, patients continue to live at homes and go to school or work, and have regular schedules for counseling and medical sessions for alcohol and drug rehabilitation. 

Group and individual strategies and sessions, and cognitive therapy are part of outpatient treatment.

 Patients with a good support system from friends, families, and peers and who require a less costly approach and flexibility can benefit from outpatient treatment.

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Overcoming addiction is tough, but it is a choice one has to make if they are to live a drug-free healthy life. 90210 recovery center offers addiction treatment that ensures you have your life back on track. To learn more about longer-term alcohol rehab treatment contact 90210 Recovery at (844) 462 – 8571.

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