Alcohol rehab facilitiesAre you a resident of Southington suffering from dependence on drugs or alcohol and are looking for a solution to this problem?

Our programs at 90210 Recovery are inclusive of a very wide variety of treatments designed to help our clients achieve sobriety. These programs include inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization, and sober living houses.

We also include various types of therapies at our alcohol rehab centers that include behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, family therapy, and many more

Finding An Alcohol Detox Center In Southington, CT

Recovering from addiction often needs one to make a change in their daily life’s perceptions and have a complete lifestyle do-over. Enrolling in an alcohol rehab center will help a patient get the necessary help to achieve sobriety.

Checking into an alcohol rehab will also distance one from their day to day life and environment which often triggers drug use.

Keeping away from old friends will help them to focus solely on themselves and their healing. At a rehab facility, a patient learns to create healthy boundaries, learn stress management and coping skills without resorting to drugs. 

Choosing The Right Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Southington

Detox programs in SouthingtonChoosing the right treatment for yourself or your loved one is the best decision you could make. The choice mostly depends on the kind of programs offered at that particular facility.

The type of addiction that you are suffering from also determines greatly the type of facility that best suits you. Most alcohol addiction treatment centers have different specialties.

It is important to recognize a facility that will help you reach your rehab goals. If you are suffering from co-occurring conditions, then you by default have to choose a facility that offers dual-diagnosis as part of their program.

Duration Of Alcohol Addiction Therapy

The length of your stay at a rehab facility depends on the level of addiction and the type of treatment that you are receiving. People suffering from a normal addiction may not stay as long as one suffering from extreme addiction. A patient undergoing inpatient treatment will not stay in rehab longer than one that is on an outpatient type of treatment.

 Overcoming Alcohol Dependence in Southington, CT

 The major role of a treatment center is to help patients end their addiction to drugs and alcohol. Addiction can be a life-altering experience that changes you both physically and mentally. Addiction can also cause strain on family life, career, and other aspects of one’s life.

The treatment programs offered at alcohol and drug treatment facilities help retrace one’s steps and gain back everything they have lost to addiction.

For instance, some programs offer family therapy which entails helping families understand addiction and learn how to communicate better amongst themselves.

Should I Travel for Rehab? 

If you find a facility that best suits your needs, then yes. Enrolling in a facility that personalizes treatment and recognizes you as an individual provides a better chance of recovery. A facility that is away from home is better suited to keep you away from the old way of life that could in many ways trigger a relapse. 

Addiction Detoxification Process  

Our facility provides an array of treatment options geared at addressing your specific problems. Client needs to be wise when it comes to choosing a treatment program for their addiction. One can always solicit advice from professionals with assessing your situation and recommending the best way forward.

Southington alcohol and drug detox centersThese are some of the programs offered at our facilities.

  • On-site detox with 24-hour care
  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Co-Occurring Addictions
  • Holistic Therapies
  • Relapse Management and Prevention
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

If you or your loved one is suffering from the deadly disease of addiction, do not hesitate to reach out to  90210 Recovery for much-needed help and we’ll do everything we can to help you reach sobriety.

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