New Brunswick rehabilitation facilitiesAddiction is a prolonged, deteriorating mind illness characterized by the urge to acquire and use a particular drug in spite of individual consequences. 

People who go through addiction host emotional, physical, and mental symptoms that make their lives significantly harder while adversely affecting everybody close to them. 

A lot of people wrongly believe that addiction is not an illness, which is simply a matter of compromised ethics or weak will-power. 

This could not be beyond the truth. The reality is that when a person develops a drug addiction, they no longer control their behavior. Life is entirely dictated by drug abuse and all decisions rotate around the person’s drug of choice, and all other main concerns fall by the wayside.

Drug dependence claims many lives yearly. Unfortunately, a small number of people who require specialized assistance in fact end up seeking it. There are a number of reasons why drug addicts avoid looking for treatment. People who struggle with addiction normally feel embarrassed, they may be in rejection about their conditions and they could be overpowered by the thought of not using alcohol or drugs again. 

Making the personal decision to go to recovery is very hard. However, our committed staff at 90210 Recovery will ensure that each person undergoing drug addiction has the will to get sober and clean while being guided and supported every single step of the way. We assist in getting a treatment program that provides the services you require to maintain long-term recovery

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Services in New Brunswick

New Brunswick alcohol rehab centersPeople struggling with drug addiction are first admitted in a medical detoxification center where they go through withdrawal with specialized medical supervision. Trying to withdraw from drugs without expert assistance could result in serious health-related problems, and often result in relapse since mental desires are so powerful. 

Once a patient is physically cleared, he goes to an inpatient treatment center and goes through 3 to 6 months of intensive rehabilitation, based on the seriousness of the addiction as well as the underlying conditions. 

From there, a patient will proceed to an intensive outpatient (IOP) program, where our rehab center comes into play. Our intensive outpatient program at  90210 Recovery is a continuance of proper addiction recovery and further guarantees long-term soberness. Our customers are allocated a private case manager who is there to assist them all through each step of recovery, starting from detoxification all the way to intensive outpatient. 

Our intensive outpatient program provides the following services:

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

This is a method of therapy intended to assist alcoholics and drug addicts overcome self-defeating and harmful behavior through changing their social patterns and learning healthy coping mechanisms. We provide Dialectical Behavioral Therapy as part of our inclusive therapeutic plan.

Group and Individual therapy

Treatment or therapy intervention is necessary to the upkeep of longstanding soberness. In most situations, people who start to abuse drugs or alcohol do it as a way of self-medication or have undiagnosed psychological health disorders, like unsolved minor depression or trauma. Treatment sessions assist greatly in working through fundamental issues and getting required support in a group or one-on-one environment.

Family treatment and extra services for the close family

Alcohol treatment in New BrunswickAddiction does not only affect the alcoholic or drug addicts, it intensely affects the emotional and mental health of the whole family. We trust that in order for someone to completely heal and sustain soberness, their family should heal at the same time. Therefore, we provide family treatment sessions on a consistent basis in addition to continued support for the immediate family members of the patient.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This is a kind of psychotherapy program during which harmful behavior is changed and challenged. Our team of qualified and skilled psychotherapists works with one another to assist individual clients to change and have a coping strategy that could be important in withdrawing from drugs and self-destruction.

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90210 Recovery’s alcohol rehab specialists, as well as other drug rehab services, are available to all people irrespective of where they live. A wide range of residential and community-based treatment choices are provided by experienced and committed employees who are very passionate about offering effective and excellent services to all people who are struggling with drug addiction.

Drug and alcohol treatment is delivered through various treatment options. These treatment streams consist of withdrawal, counseling, pharmacotherapy, and rehabilitation. In case you need our services to contact us and we will help you out. 

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