Shelton residents seeking alcohol addiction treatment have a number of options to choose from. However, the whole process of deciding on a treatment program can be daunting. It is advisable to first know and understand the various programs available before making this decision. 

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs and Treatment Centers in Shelton

Detox programs, SheltonAlcohol detox is the first important step of rehab and it assists people to purify their bodies of alcohol. One of the most important tasks, when someone enrolls for alcohol addiction treatment, is to detoxify the body system and go through withdrawal processes caused by detoxification, withdrawal can be quite challenging and even dangerous in some cases. 

This is best conducted through medically supervised detox and withdrawal, which can help lessen withdrawal symptoms while maintaining the patient’s safety.

Individuals seeking detox care may need to travel outside Shelton to get those services. 

90210 Recovery in California provides the best detox services to help you get through alcohol addiction safely. 

Adding to the services already provided at 90210 Recovery like outpatient, inpatient and aftercare programs, we have a detox program that provides medical detox for those in need of a supportive and safe detox experience with 24-hour support staff. 

A number of treatment options and programs are available for people living in Shelton. It is essential to note that alcohol addiction treatment centers are limited in Shelton, however, there are options available in the closest metro area which is Olympia.

Shelton Residential Treatment Programs

This program which can also be referred to as an inpatient rehab facility offers alcohol addiction treatment in an environment that is structured with round-the-clock care by medical experts. Patients may or may not have completed any required detox before starting treatment in an inpatient alcohol rehab.

Once a patient has completed detox, he or she should take part in a rehab program that may consist of alcohol abuse classes, 12- step work, holistic therapies, Cognitive behavioral therapy, and counseling. 

Shelton Partial Hospitalization Programs

Drug and alcohol rehabIn this program, individuals take part in alcohol addiction treatment and can access medical care during the daytime. While some people opt to live in a treatment facility full-time, others choose to return to their homes or sober living housing in the evenings. It solely depends on the facility’s requirements whether patients need to live on-site or not.

Unfortunately, at the moment there aren’t any partial hospitalization programs in the city of Shelton or in the neighboring metro area. You may be required to travel to other cities to find the closest facility that provides partial hospitalization.

Shelton Outpatient Treatment Programs

During this program, clients typically partake in alcohol addiction treatment for 10 to 15 hours every week, whilst living at home or in a sober living environment. 

These patients basically do not need medical care, but they have access to health care personnel and addiction experts. 

Outpatient treatment may be the best option if you are devoted to becoming sober, but not able to leave school, work or other daily responsibilities so as to live at an inpatient facility.

Specialized Treatment Programs in Shelton.

Specialized treatment programs are alcohol and drug treatment programs that look into the exact needs of different patient groups. Offering focused care to these groups can substantially maximize the degree of comfort and compliance of the patients.

Treatment Process In A Drug Detox And Rehab Facility?

Just like the majority of people or loved ones look for alcohol addiction recovery, you possibly have concerns about the entire process of detox and alcohol treatment. It is essential to understand that treatment will vary depending on a number of factors that affect the situation.

Intake Assessment In A Substance And Alcohol Treatment Clinic

For the first time you go for alcohol addiction treatment, a thorough assessment will be conducted by a care provider like a physician. Your medical history will be checked and a physical evaluation may be performed. Also, expect queries about the elephant in the room which is your alcohol addiction problem.

Medical Detox

This phase is frequently the most tiring since your body needs to get rid of the alcohol dependency. This process can differ depending on the severity of alcohol addiction. For professional assistance in dealing with your addiction, don’t hesitate to call us.

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