Alcohol and drug rehab near meThere are a number of addiction treatment centers operating around Middlesex County, New Jersey. However, none of them can equal the services we offer at 90210 Recovery, Beverly Hills. Regardless of the severity of your substance addiction, you can find free or private addiction treatment services.

Sometimes, finding the best available treatment program in an ideal treatment facility may prove challenging for you, especially if you are uninformed about what to look for.

We can assist you by offering all the information and insight you require to select the best addiction treatment service for you or a loved one. Contact our advisors today for addiction treatment or support group options, and recommendations.

Private Rehab in Sayreville

Private rehab facilities are independent treatment centers intended to offer a conducive environment for recovery as well as effective, customized treatment plans for patients who want to overcome their addiction. Private Rehabs run residential treatment programs from 28 to 90 days that are individualized to the needs of each patient. You will get 24/7 care from an experienced and certified medical and therapy team.

The major advantage of private rehab is the intensity of treatment that is comprehensive and personalized to fit each patient. Notably, private rehab centers are also medical clinics, where patients can receive a medical detox, treatment for behavioral and physical addictions together with psychiatric support.

Treatment includes an exhaustive assessment to establish your specific treatment needs. It involves detoxification to remove harmful substances from your system; psychotherapy to overcome psychological problems, and 1yr free aftercare to assist you to maintain abstinence from abused substances after rehab.

Addiction Treatment Support Groups in Sayreville

Without a doubt, addiction support groups are valuable to the addiction recovery process. Participating in a group will offer you an avenue to share your personal experiences. Consequently, you receive support and emotional guidance when needed. Moreover, support groups can also help recovering patients with co-occurring mental conditions such as depression.

What is Narcotics Anonymous?

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a universally recognized non-profit fellowship and organization whose goal is to assist addicts in overcoming their addiction. It is worth noting that attendance at NA meetings is free and people from all walks of life committed to addiction recovery are eligible and welcome. The NA meetings are designed to be ‘anonymous’ so that attendees can take part without fear of any negative repercussions.

What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is also a non-profit fellowship and also recognized globally. It aims at assisting alcoholics in overcoming their craving to continue abusing alcohol. Typically, AA meetings happen every day of the week. Attending one such meeting is extremely beneficial to those who have completed a rehab program and may require continued support from an understanding and compassionate group of peers.

Types of Therapy Treatment


Sayreville rehabilitation facilitiesThis is a common type of therapy. It includes a counseling session between the patient and therapist in the same room. It can be conducted in an office, garden coffee shop, or any place where the patient feels comfortable. 

Face-to-face therapy includes approaches like simple yet effective QnA, motivational interviewing, or unloading where the patient releases what has been on their mind. This is very essential in the treatment process before the treatment specialist understands the patient’s problems. It also helps the patient to uncover the root issue of their addiction.


This includes all counseling services offered through the internet. It includes sessions via Skype, emails, and support group chat rooms, and other online support groups. It is convenient, easy, and enhances anonymity.


Involves several people battling with similar issues coming together to debate these issues openly, and in the presence of an experienced and certified counselor. Through this process, every participant gains a deeper understanding of their addiction, while giving support to others in the group at the same time.

How Much Does Rehab Treatment Cost?

You can be quoted anywhere between $1,000 and $ 3,000 per week. However, what will be quoted to you is determined after a careful assessment of your needs and condition. If you are in or near Sayreville and want to enroll in the best rehab, get in touch with us at 90210 Recovery to access all the information you need about addiction treatment for yourself or your loved one.

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