Where is Santa Clara?

outpatient drug rehab near meOverall, Santa Clara County is one of the richest counties in the state of California. The hot spot technology market, Silicon Valley, is based in the county and is the origin for high real estate incomes. Unfortunately, amid its wealth, Santa Clara County has more than a decent share of drug and alcohol abuse.

The following are chosen findings of adult substance misuse from Santa Clara County who responded to the local drug use evaluation survey:

  •         21% of people reported misusing prescribed drugs in an unauthorized manner.
  •         20% got a prescription that wasn’t their own.
  •         11% exploited over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

The most commonly abused drugs in Santa Clara include alcohol, antidepressant opioids (prescription and illicit), cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana. Drugs and alcohol misuse and addiction are impacting the area, as crime rates are dramatically higher than the national average. Substance misuse and the resulting violence lead to making Santa Clara less secure than 83% of California’s other cities and communities of all sizes.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Service in Santa Clara

Fortunately, support is available to people of Santa Clara who are dealing with drugs and alcohol abuse. The city has a variety of drug care centers that are equipped to help opioid addicts get on the road to rehabilitation.

However, many other facilities like 90210 Recovery outside of Santa Clara are working hard to help numerous individuals recover from addiction and offering services ranging from rehab and inpatient, outpatient recovery to aftercare and continuing assistance.

Detoxification is usually a quicker program intended to help you rid your body of toxins. Many people who suffer from substance abuse need support with the controlled detoxification of alcohol or medications for several reasons.

Second, should you abruptly quit consuming a drug that your body is used to, you will experience signs of withdrawal. Based on the drugs you consume, these effects are, at the very least, debilitating and, at the worst could be fatal.

drug rehab centers near meFor instance, withdrawal effects from suddenly halting alcohol use can trigger seizures, respiratory and heart attacks, and even death. That’s why it can be dangerous to stop consuming drugs or cold turkey drinking on your own. The professionally supervised detox program means that you are monitored by medical practitioners in the process.

The second reason why many patients use detox treatment is that under medical care, you can be put on medication that helps to ease some of the pain of withdrawal. Although this phase is never simple, it can be made more convenient with medical treatment.

Not only does detox make you feel stronger mentally, but it also helps to reduce the possibility of relapse. Detoxifying on your own can be very unpleasant, even painful, depending on the drug and the background of your use. If you’re on your own, relapsing to ease withdrawal symptoms can sound like an end to pain.

When you visit 90210 Recovery in Beverly Hills, the signs of withdrawal will be controlled and handled to make it as easy as possible. You will also have the love of our staff and physicians to help you get through it.

Choosing the Right Treatment Center

It is important to find a recovery facility that suits best you and your unique needs.

Are you looking for a recovery center that provides holistic treatment? Are you going to feel more relaxed with gender-specific rehabilitation? Is it relevant for you to be part of a religious-based program? Asking yourself questions like this will help you find the best system for you.

If you’re relaxed in your surroundings, you’ll be well suited to do well in the program. Consider the following if you choose:

  • Method of treatment of addictions – Some drug addiction services work on particular forms of addictions. Be sure that the one you want suits your needs.
  • Form of service – Negotiate with a licensed recovery center why you need detox and whether inpatient or outpatient treatment is better for you.
  • Co-occurring illness program – Many individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol often suffer from underlying mental health conditions. Co-occurring condition services provide both therapies.
  • Place – Do you want to go to rehab near your home or do you want to travel?
  • Cost – While cost can be a major factor in making a decision, note that it’s an opportunity that will save your life.

Should I Consider Traveling for Treatment?

inpatient drug rehab near meFor most individuals, visiting a drug and alcohol recovery facility in another state or city is helpful. It might be that it’s hard to locate a facility in your city, or that you want to place a physical barrier between you and the stimuli and obstacles that draw your attention away from rehabilitation.

 Besides, travel for addiction treatment can have the following benefits:

  • A broader range of recovery options, providing you with more opportunities and choices to choose a service that is perfect for you.
  • A greater feeling of starting anew, allowing you a higher chance of a full return.
  • An increased chance of you starting the program so it’s not as easy to give up and go home.

Begin Recovery Today

Are you a resident of Santa Clara and in dire need of detox or rehab programs to alleviate your addiction challenges? 90210 Recovery provides evidence-based, compassionate treatment services and has empowered thousands of patients through their recovery. 

We provide world-class treatment for people suffering from alcohol abuse. Our experts are skilled and experienced giving a hands-on approach to you or your loved ones. Contact us today at (844) 462-8571 and rejuvenate your hope for a brighter drug-free future while discovering the numerous benefits of your life.

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