Substance and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Programs

If you are searching for a rehab center with comprehensive, evidence-based management approaches, 90210 Recovery is the best option for you. Our team of highly qualified experts offers our patients exemplary services in our safe, comfortable, and supportive environment to ensure you accomplish their recovery goals.

Treatment Programs Offered at Riverside Rehab Centers

Drug and alcohol treatment services in RiversideAware of the fact that no two patients are the same, we offer a wide range of drug and alcohol treatment programs that include:

  1.       Detox

Detoxification usually is the first step in treating drug and alcohol addiction at our rehab center. This process aims at gradually cleaning out toxins from the body while monitoring the patient and ensuring their comfort. We offer intense medical monitoring to help the patient cope with the withdrawal symptoms during this procedure, which can be quite uncomfortable and sometimes fatal.

  1.       Inpatient Treatment Program 

This program involves having the patient live in the facility during the treatment process. We offer a variety of mental health and addiction treatments that are preceded by medical detox. After the patient undergoes detox, the therapies that may follow include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Art therapy
  • Family therapy etc.

The inpatient treatment program is more effective than the outpatient program because the patient is under supervision at all times. The medical experts can observe the patient’s behavior and how they respond to treatment. This is particularly beneficial to the patient because the experts will adjust their treatment plans accordingly.

In the partial hospitalization program, the treatment is slightly less intensive compared to the inpatient program. The patient resides in the treatment facility but attends therapy for fewer hours.

How to Choose the Right Rehab Facility in Riverside

If you’re looking for a rehab that is well known for delivering excellent results, 90210 Recovery is where you need to be. Here are some of the qualities that personify our rehabilitation facility:

Alcohol and drug recovery program Riverside

  • Long-term approach
  • Individualized therapy
  • Family counseling sessions
  • Vocational support
  • High success-rate
  • Career counseling
  • A focus on nutrition
  • Evidence-based therapies
  • Our staff who are qualified in different fields and have many years of experience

Holistic Treatment in Riverside

Before treating a symptom, we always establish the cause to avoid the recurrence of the problem. We always establish the root cause of the problem to help patients increase the likelihood of long-term sobriety. And avoid going back to their addiction to alcohol.

Effective Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Riverside

Rational emotive behavioral therapy mainly focuses on changing your thinking pattern, the way you emote. This therapy places slight emphasis on traveling to the past and focuses on changing the present situation and their behavior concerning themselves, other people.

Signs of Underlying Irrational Thought Patterns and Beliefs

  • Feeling overly upset over other people’s actions.
  • Believing that to be of value to others, you must be faultless, totally competent, and 100% normal
  • Believing that they should have a life free from challenges or conflict for them to be happy.
  • Feeling that you must be under the influence of something to experience real happiness.

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

Challenge the Irrational Thoughts and Beliefs

Our therapists are blunt, logical, and honest when it comes to helping people change their views and actions. We help them face a new reality together.

Gain Insight and Recognize Irrational Thought Patterns During Addiction Recovery

Riverside alcohol addiction treatment centerIt is perfectly normal to feel upset whenever a mistake happens. However, a person should learn how to respond rationally in any situation. Rational emotive therapy helps a person realize that you can never be perfect; it is okay to make mistakes and fail to succeed on certain occasions. It helps you know how to derive lessons from the mistakes and move on.

Have you been struggling with alcohol abuse? Have you tried quitting but keep on relapsing? 90210 Recovery, a luxury addiction treatment in Los Angeles, provides the environment you need to recover fully. Get in touch and speak to a professional today.

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