Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Reading

Have you been struggling with alcohol addiction or drug addiction? Most people don’t like admitting that they have a problem. Sometimes it’s a hard thing to admit it to yourself that you are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Addiction leads to mental fog and strong denial, which often gets in the way of you accepting that there’s even a problem in the first place.

Another problem is that alcoholism and drug addiction is still so taboo that it’s rarely discussed. This can make it challenging to recognize when you have a problem since there’s a stereotypical image in our mind whenever we think of the word “addict.” This image does not fit you, so your substance addiction or alcoholism might be ignored for years before you finally get help. 

 Reading rehabilitation centerHere at 90210 Recovery, we can help you battle your addiction and begin on the road to recovery with our wide range of addiction treatment programs at one of our private rehab centers. 

We treat all types of substance addictions and have had great success rates with our patients. If you’re searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Reading, we can help you.

Signs You’re Ready For Alcohol Rehab Drug Addiction Treatment 

As alcohol and drug addiction isn’t always easy to recognize, we have gathered some of the most common signs that you have an addiction.

Health Issues and Complications that Can Lead to Rehab Treatment for Drug Addiction 

Taking substances like alcohol and drugs invites toxic chemicals into your body system. Although alcohol is legal, that does not make it safe. Excessive use of alcohol can cause a great deal of damage to your body over time, as does excess drug use. 

Physical side effects of addiction may start small and be temporary, but it is very easy to develop long-term health problems from alcoholism and substance abuse, such as cancer and liver damage.

If your doctor warns you about your alcoholism or substance abuse, that’s a warning you should take seriously. They have seen where substance misuse can go further down the line.

Besides physical health complications, the impact of substance dependency on a person’s mental health is less talked about. Substance abuse can cause depression, paranoia, anxiety, or even trigger psychotic episodes. 

If substance addiction is paired with co-occurring mental health disorders, it only makes them worse and much more complicated to treat.

Social Impact in Alcohol and Drug Addiction 

Alcohol and drug addiction can have a dramatic effect on the individuals around you. It can destroy or damage friendships and families beyond repair. Addiction could cause you to lash out at other people who get in the way of your drug or alcohol use so that you isolate yourself further. 

Generally, it’s your friends and family who notice the problem first. If those around you are worried about you, listen to them. They have your best interests at heart.

Finance and Career Damage

Maintaining a job when your addiction is high can be very challenging. Maintaining a 100% concentration at work is always difficult. Even if you don’t use substances or drink while at work, your substance abuse outside work will still affect you during the day in the long run. 

You may think you’re functional, but it can be a slippery slope on which your productivity and motivation gradually disappear.

When addiction to alcohol and drugs impacts your career, this can also have a negative effect on your finances – something which addiction might have already touched anyway. Maintaining an alcohol or drug use habit is expensive and can create huge financial difficulties for you, particularly if you start turning to gambling and loans to fund it.

What Is Reading Alcohol Rehab and Drug Addiction Treatment Center Like? 

No one quite knows what to expect after starting rehab. For the most part, individuals think that it’s an unpleasant place with demanding rules and strict staff. However, it’s more like a hotel than a prison or hospital. You’re seeking admission here to get better, not be punished. 

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in ReadingRehab treatment in Reading starts off with a medical detox program, which is essential for all the residents to go through. It involves getting rid of any harmful chemical toxins within the body.

Unfortunately, the detox process can be a little uncomfortable as you may experience severe withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or drug detox. 

However, drug and alcohol rehabs in Reading will provide medical assistance to help ease your withdrawal symptoms wherever possible.

After you have gone through the alcohol and drug detox, you will begin therapy. We provide our patients with group therapy sessions as well as one-to-one therapy sessions and also support group sessions so that you’re free to talk about your struggles and receive advice from others.

While daunting at first, most of our patients settle in quite quickly into our peer and professional support groups, as it’s invaluable to have peers to talk to who are going through the same struggles as you.

When you’re ready to leave the Reading rehabilitation center, we strongly encourage that you surround yourself with sober people who know exactly what you’re going through because these people will help steer you in the right direction if things get tough. 

Besides this, we also offer free alumni and aftercare services, so you can seek help from us again if you require some advice on dealing with relapse or triggers.

Are You Ready To Get Help For Your Alcohol or Substance Abuse? Call a Drug Rehab Near Me Today

It isn’t easy for one to admit that they may have a problem, but if you are taking steps to combat your alcohol or drug addiction, we promise we will help you on your road to recovery. 90210 Recovery has helped countless individuals all over the United States get the help they deserve.

 Rehab treatment in ReadingOur centers are easily accessible to all, but we also offer to help people get to our center, so they don’t have to worry about arranging transport. 

That means if you’re searching for a drug and alcohol rehab center in Reading, you’re not limited to just searching in your local area.

If you require additional information on visiting us, then don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be able to answer any questions you may have. For more information, before you proceed, get in touch for a telephone assessment. 

The sooner you get the addiction treatment help you need, the sooner you can get back to your old self. Call our rehab center today and commence your journey to recovery.

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