Alcohol and drug rehab centers in NorristownAt 90210 Recovery, we specialize in treatment for patients with addiction or with both mental health and addiction disorders. Moreover, we offer treatment for patients with behavioral health problems. For patients struggling with addiction crises and require psychiatric intervention because of a combination of mental health disorders and addiction. We provide a secure environment for emergency treatment together with a short stay.

While treating patients suffering from addiction, we provide rehabilitation and medical detoxification in levels of care including recreational and creative therapies, residential-level programs providing intensive counseling together with educational and hospital-level services with round-the-clock nursing.  

When looking for a Norristown alcohol rehab facility, you should request for help and have the willpower to end your addiction. There are treatment programs where you can get advice from addiction treatment professionals. The death rates associated with drug addiction have been on the rise in the entire country over the last several decades. The good news is that you can avoid being part of these statistics by looking for addiction treatment fast.

 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facilities in Norristown, Pennsylvania

Patients are not alike and so are their substance misuse disorders. Therefore, there are a number of treatment options for healing and recovery from addiction. However, it is prudent to become familiar with the types of programs available before deciding on a treatment facility and the treatment programs offered.

Residential Treatment Programs

Alcohol addiction treatment facilities in NorristownWithout a doubt, a residential treatment program is a suitable option for addiction patients who want to escape their everyday environs. This type of treatment ensures that the patient focuses entirely on discovering the underlying cause of the substance use and addiction. Patients who settle for this type of treatment have 24/7 access to medical treatment.

In most Norristown alcohol rehab centers, the residential treatment programs comprise structure and discipline, focusing on behavioral changes and self-awareness to help you cope with your personal and stress triggers. This type of program may include physical exercises, group, family or individual therapy, meditation, and yoga.

If there are coinciding mental issue, a residential treatment program will take care of it too. From breakfast to bedtime, your needs are met so that you can reflect on your past and develop a plan for a better future with around the clock guidance from our medical professionals.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs

Partial hospitalization provides a similar support like inpatient treatment. However, it has more flexibility. In this treatment model, addiction patients adhere to organized therapy sessions during the day but return to their homes at night. 

This works best for addiction patients who have commitments that require constant attention. Emotional support and a high level of medical care are available in the PHP programs. We have compassionate addiction experts who are committed to working together with patients to accommodate their treatment and personal needs.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

90210 Recovery offers outpatient treatment programs that may be the best solution for patients whose substance addiction is not severe or have not struggled with the addiction for long.  The patient has the alternative of engaging in actual lifestyle situations. Nonetheless, they must attend daytime therapy sessions at a rehab facility. Notably, evenings can be spent at the treatment center if it has accommodation, another safe environment or at the patient’s home.

 Addiction Recovery Meetings Near You

Norristown alcohol and drug rehabMost patients in recovery take great comfort in group recovery meetings that comprise individuals who recently successfully completed a rehab program. This helps addiction patients to speak about their struggles and successes with other people who understand how challenging it is to forgive yourself and walk away from temptation of substance use. 

Organized recovery meetings are safe places where one addiction patient can get non-judgmental and like-minded people to offer support throughout the recovery journey. It is a prudent note and schedules recovery meetings near where you can go when you need fellowship and encouragement.


Are you looking for the best addiction treatment center for yourself or your loved one? Get in touch with 90210 Recovery experts today for more information about the available treatment options. You will also get help on how to enroll in one of our best treatment programs. 

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