Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Newark, New Jersey

New Jersey State is also among the cities that have continuously been affected by drugs and substance abuse in America. Many accidental deaths are linked to a drug overdose. For the last ten years, treatment programs have recorded a 700% increase in admission. Over 14,000 natives of New Jersey have had fatal substance overdoses since 2004. Essex County, where Newark is situated, has recorded the highest figure of deaths linked to drugs. Many victims of drug overdose in Newark are males aged between 22 and 54.

The Epidemic of Opioids in Newark 

 Abuse of prescription drugsPrescription opioids like tramadol, morphine, and OxyContin are used to treat patients to reduce pain caused by accidents or other significant conditions. Opioids are commonly abused because they trigger dopamine release, which initiates in the human brain, resulting in more craving for the drug and addiction. Patients recuperating from serious injuries may also have pain issues, and they may look for alternative, less costly solutions once their medications run out. Many of these patients eventually turn to the usage of heroin after the prescribed drugs.

Approximately about 128,000 persons have misused heroin in New Jersey State, especially in the Newark area in recent years. In recent years, Newark has recorded a 17% increase in the usage of heroin. Hence it is one of the leading cities in New Jersey in terms of heroin usage struggles. Heroin is usually combined with cocaine to attain a more powerful effect. This combination can be hazardous.

The popularity of Fentanyl, a more potent drug than heroin, is becoming more popular among the residents of Newark. In 2016, the drug was responsible for more than 818 deaths. 

These figures are predicted to continue rising in the future.

Addiction Treatment in Newark

Seeking addiction treatment in Newark drug rehab is a significant and bold step toward drugs and substance use recovery. Individuals should know that attempting to seek detoxification individually without any medical assistant can have uncomfortable, severe impacts.

Seeking treatment in a rehab center is always the best option that a person struggling with addiction can make. It is safe, and the results are positive. Centers of treatment can also offer assistance to persons with various mental and health issues such as bipolar and depression disorders, resulting in dependencies on chemicals.

Drug and alcohol addiction helpThe resident should seek treatment in case they experience the following signs and symptoms of drug and substance abuse:

  • Dedicating a lot of money towards alcohol and drugs.
  • Shame and guilt while taking drugs or alcohol
  • Not exposing alcohol/drugs usage
  • Being notified of the impacts on their actions towards work/family
  • Personal changes due to drugs/alcohol usage
  • Being urged to seek help
  • Losing employment as a result of addiction
  • Violet behavior attributed to alcohol or drug usage
  • Diminished interest in daily lives

Seeking for Rehab in Newark

Currently, rehab facilities are not sufficient in Newark; hence they may not accommodate all patients seeking treatment. Inadequate facilities in the local areas may necessitate people seeking addiction treatment to seek alternative places in other cities or counties. It’s, therefore, good for the patient to seek treatment to travel to other states.

A new environment can facilitate treatment opportunities that cannot be found locally, such as traditional, spiritual, and unique treatment methods like equine therapy. Travelling also enables patients to avoid distractions and focus on recovery and healing.

The Path to Hope

The patient seeking addiction treatment has various options to consider and find their independence from drug and substance abuse. Whether you opt for local or other treatment areas, rehab centers are highly available to ensure that you achieve your health desires. Contact 90210 Recovery and be assured of a robust rehabilitation process of attaining a sober life.

Understanding Alcohol

Alcohol abuseUsage of alcohol reduces anxiety and inhibition. Although it is a legal substance. It has a quite range of side effects such as reduced condonation and slurred speech.

Although not every person who consumes alcohol is an alcoholic, a person whose alcohol abuse has impacted their lives negatively due to constant consumption is considered to have alcohol use disorder.

It is always available in many forms, such as beer, liquor, wines, and spirits.

Beer Addiction and Abuse

Beer is an alcoholic substance naturally produced from barley, water, yeast, and hops. Beer has the lowest alcohol content by volume compared to other alcoholic contents such as wines, liquor, and spirits. The ratio of alcohol in beers ranges from 2 to 12 %, with the most consumed beers ranging from 4 to 6 %.

Beer has developed to be a common element with numerous events in the United States culture. Drinking competitions on college campuses almost always revolve around it; it is difficult to have an organized event without beer or alcohol-related substances.

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