Alcohol and Drug Rehab Newark

Alcohol AbuseIn 2015, approximately 6,000 Essex County residents sought drug abuse treatment from the New Jersey Department of Human Services. According to this data, alcohol, marijuana, and heroin abuse topped the charts for the most abused drugs. This is a clear indication that many people living in Newark are struggling with alcohol and substance abuse addiction. It isn’t easy for a person to accept that they are suffering from addiction or their loved ones and admit that they require help. 

At 90210 Recovery, we are privileged to give Newark alcohol rehab services to residents and others the best and quality addiction treatment and restore hope to those struggling with drug and substance abuse.

The Commission certifies our treatment program on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. The program makes use of research-based protocols and therapies. Motivational interviewing and therapies of cognitive behaviors are some of the examples of methods that we employ. Besides, we offer housing, educational assistance, and assistance with documents ordered by the court. Our comprehensive programs are aimed at ensuring the success of your treatment.

Other parts are made to familiarize yourself with more different addiction aspects that our professionals treat. Our customer care service is always available to respond to any queries concerning addiction and treatment.

Drug Rehab Facilities

Our recovery facilities aim to ensure that you change your lifestyle, create an optimistic mind-set, and attain your health goals. Many people tend to argue that what Newark alcohol rehab centers provide can be achieved at home. However, it is challenging to achieve full recovery through home treatment. Many people trying this method slide back to their usual drug and substance abuse habits due to no changes in their usual routines.

 Alcohol and drug rehab Near Me in NewarkDrugs and substance use treatment removes a patient from their routine. Recovery is aimed at getting patients out of their daily lives that contribute to their addiction. Our programs enable you to create tools that help in stopping the cycle. These programs aim to teach you how to deal with craving, identifying drug abuse triggers, creating boundaries, self-principles, and learning how to deal with stress without alcohol or drugs.

In our care package, we have various outpatient treatment programs, such as the Partial Hospitalization Program option. The program entails applying addiction treatment like full-time employment in that you visit the center for a substantial part of a day. Several aids of recovery, such as therapy sessions, education, and meditation, are offered.

An intensive outpatient program or IOP is another option of treatment. This option can be compared to a part-time job. It involves visiting the facility for several days a week as various therapies and treatment programs are applied.

After the completion of the treatment, our facility offers an aftercare plan. The plan involves support group identification and other activities that can enable you to resume an everyday life outside rehabilitation.

Alcohol Rehab Centers and Treatment

Although alcohol consumption is legal, alcohol addiction can be very harmful, just like any other drug. Abuse of alcohol and other lousy drinking habits such as binge drinking can lead to mental, legal, physical, and financial challenges. If not treated, alcoholism has serious and fatal health issues, in addition to long term effects. At 90210 Recovery, various programs are designed to ensure that you stop drinking and start a new life. 

Alcohol DetoxAlcoholism treatment is similar to drugs and substance abuse treatment. The basic structure of the program include:

  • Detox: The patient ends up drinking, typically at a medical treatment center, and passes through the process of withdrawal. When you finish this process, you can go on with the outpatient treatment process. 
  •  Treatment: At 90210 Recovery, we provide outpatient treatment programs to address the primary reasons you take alcohol and create methods to deal with the temptations to resume alcohol abuse. Knowledge of applying alternative methods to deal with stress and anxiety can assist you to succeed. 
  •  Aftercare: Suffering from alcohol abuse is like developing a long-term medical issue. You need to continually participate in avoiding relapse to guarantee it doesn’t strike back. Through contributions to plans like Alcoholics Anonymous, you can repeatedly uphold their hard-earned sobriety. 

How Does Alcohol Detoxification Work?

Detoxification of alcohol works in a very similar method to that of other drugs. When a person fails to drink alcohol, he or she experiences various withdrawal signs and symptoms relating to their body’s adjustment to the new system, however, there is an exception for this. Withdrawal of alcohol can result in serious and fatal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms include headache, insomnia, anxiety, and nausea.

Nevertheless, some patients may face more severe types of alcohol withdrawal. These symptoms include Hallucinations, uncontrollable shaking, and an increase in blood pressure and heart rate.

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