Finding the Best Drug Rehab Center in New York State 

Patients can find New York Drug Rehab in virtually every corner of New York state. Each rehab has its history and philosophy that make it unique, but some have established reputations that make them stand out among the rest.

Why You Should Probably Consider Traveling To New York For Drug Addiction Treatment

Most people choose to leave their environment behind when they begin Treatment. Familiar places, especially those where you used drugs or alcohol, can trigger cravings to put your sobriety at risk. Traveling to another city is the best way to prevent these temptations and make new, healthy habits. There are home treatment centers all over the state of New York that can provide a healthy environment to build a drug- and alcohol-free life.

Drug Rehab Centers In New York State

Substance abuse recoveryJust in case you’ve been asking if the bureau has an agency in place: The Office of Alcoholism And Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) is New York’s primary state-run agency specializing in addiction and one of the federals’ largest. Their services include:

  • Residential Treatment 
  • Drug Detox 
  • Intervention 
  • Prevention Programs 
  • Methadone maintenance

The New York Drug Rehab admits over 8,000 patients annually with 12 residential treatment facilities in the state.

The residential treatment centers only admit those most in need of addiction treatment. This is up to the medical director of each facility to decide, but people are ordinarily referred to as high need if they are:

  • Staying in an environment that threatens recovery 
  • Suffering mental/ physical health complications 
  • Unable to keep their sobriety levels 
  • In need of constant supervision to eliminate drug use.

Payment should be the list of your worries in a state facility.

Gambling Addiction 

New York Drug Rehab estimated that over 750,000 adults were affected by gambling-related issues. This predicament has extended to even some of the youths among roughly 10 percent suffering from it, a quarter of whom also had a substance abuse problem. The agency’s mission also includes providing Treatment for patients in this bracket.

Legislation Intermediations: Harm Reduction Laws in New York State

There are several New York drug regulations to help shield addicted persons and remedy future generations from suffering the same. The following are some notable ones:

Rescue Drug Law

Drug rehab centers in New YorkThis law ensures the prevention of death of people suffering from addictions to heroin and narcotic painkillers.

The state allows for non-medical personnel to possess and administer naloxone, a drug that contains the effects of opiate overdoses. The state also facilitates training courses on the use of naloxone through the OASAS.

It’s worth noting that despite the high numbers of drug abuse in New York. The yielding mortality rate cases are low in part because of these legislations.

911 Good Samaritan

The Law provisions for limited immunity from drug possession charges, prosecution, and arrest in the event of an overdose. This incentivizes victims to call 911 for themselves or others regardless of whether they have drugs in their person or their system. 

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

This is a state registry program to allow doctors to check on previous medical history before recommending prescriptions. The program helps reduce “doctor shopping,” which is when someone sees several doctors pile up on the same prescription.

New York Medical Insurance and Drug Addiction Treatment

Quitting substance abuseMedicaid regulations in the state of New York vary from other states’ laws in some respects. Medicaid is a federal- and state-funded health insurance program for people with limited income. There are mandatory and optional services offered to those with Medicaid in the state of New York.

In 2014, New York improved health coverage to those with Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare.” Whereas addiction treatment was only an optional Medicaid benefit in the past, state insurance now covers all substance abuse and mental health services for New York patients.

Initially, before New York passed the new rules for addiction treatment, the state insurance (Medicaid) only covered inpatient rehab for some and didn’t cover the cost of detox at all. As of January 2015, New Yorkers with Medicaid can use their benefits for any behavioural health service, including inpatient detox and rehab.

The State Drug Courts

The state of New York built its drug court system as a measure to contain the rates on cases of repeated offenders. New York state has over 146 drug courts. The courts provide for Treatment in cases of petty offenders charged with addictions if they were arrested for nonviolent drug crimes. 

And depending on the nature of their circumstances those participating in drug courts may have their sentences/ charges reduced or dismissed altogether. This move has leveraged some petty offenders by providing an opportunity to turn around their previous ways.

Get started with Addiction treatment.

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