New Rochelle alcohol and detox programSuccessful drug and alcohol addiction rehab programs involve comprehensive and targeted treatment programs.

Comprehensive services, such as parenting classes, nutritional classes, vocational training, and fitness training will help improve the various aspects of your life.

Targeted treatment services provide tailor-cut care and treatments to meet your needs, such as dual-diagnosis care for patients dealing with both substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health issues 

 Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

It is a requirement that you go through detox before joining the treatment programs themselves. The drug and alcohol detox program will help provide safety and stability once the withdrawal phase starts. These programs incorporate medical assistance and monitoring and medication if the need arises. Detox programs can either be inpatient or outpatient.

 Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment in New Rochelle, the residential rehab program is the best choice. The inpatient program provides safety.

There is guaranteed 24-hour monitoring from therapists, social workers, doctors, and other professionals that provide support and treatment. Additional support is also provided by peers.

The different services one receives at an inpatient treatment program are expressive therapy, psycho-education, social support, relapse prevention, and behavioral therapy. The facilities also allow for recreational activities by providing amenities such as yoga classes, a pool, and walking traits.

 Outpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment

This is the best choice only for a person that is suffering from a mild to moderate addiction, and also has a reliable support system at home, from family and friends. This treatment program does not allow you to stay in the facility during treatment. You only have to come in for several counseling sessions per week, which can be done individually or in groups.

Intensive outpatient programs and Day treatment provide more support, while the standard or traditional outpatient programs offer treatment of a lower intensity level.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

A patient suffering from addiction to alcohol or opioid should consider enrolling in a medication-assisted treatment program. These programs are designed to provide extra care and support during the withdrawal phase with the use of medication like methadone, to ease the withdrawal effects and cravings.MAT programs also include behavioral counseling sessions, both in groups and on a face to face basis. 

 Aftercare And Alumni Treatment Services

 Alcohol rehab treatment center in New RochelleEven though treatment programs will help you reach full recovery, there are still chances of relapse once you reconnect with old friends and the environment.

You will still need support to help stay sober and prevent relapse.

Aftercare and Alumni services give this continued support in various ways. You might have access to sober living housing, recovery group therapy, employment assistance, and training, or the 12 step program.

Remember these programs are different for each facility

Length Of Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Based on whether a patient requires short or long-term care, the treatment program they go through could go for different lengths of time. A program could last for only 30 days, or it could go for up to a year. A longer treatment provides for a higher possibility of recovering fully in comparison to treatments that last a shorter time.

How To Pay For Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Some policies will fully cover rehabilitation services while some will only cover part of the payments and you have to pay the rest out of your pockets. Those without insurance are provided other modes of payment like setting up a payment plan where you cover the payments weekly, monthly, or on an agreed installment basis.

Those seeking rehabilitation services and facilities should make a point of enquiring about the payment plans of the facility they choose and ensure they are comfortable with it.

Substance Abuse Trends In New Rochelle, New York

 Alcohol and drug rehab clinic in New RochelleThere have been opioid overdoses and other substance abuse issues in Westchester County, which includes New Rochelle, during the last few years:

  • In 2016, the written opioid prescription rate in Westchester County was 35 percent per 100 individuals.
  • There were 163 outpatient emergency room visits and 74 hospitalizations for opioid overdoses in Westchester County between January and September 2017.
  • Seventy deaths from opioid overdoses occurred in Westchester County from January through September 2017.
  • In 2017, Westchester County’s written opioid prescription rate was 30.9 percent per 100 individuals.
  • In 2017, naloxone was used a total of 250 times by EMS personnel in Westchester County for opioid overdoses.

Choosing The Right New Rochelle, NY Addiction Recovery Centre

There are many drug addiction centers in NY and choosing the right one can be difficult. One needs to consider these factors to ensure you enroll in a program that provides safety and the best care. Discover the difference these facilities can make in your life

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