New London recovery centersNew London, CT, was founded in 1823. It has expanded into a town alive with modern advancement. It is famous for its numerous housing options, exciting art scenes, and numerous places of entertainment and dining. Because it is situated on a waterfront and has deep ports, New London acts as a sea transportation hub.

Regrettably, New London, like other Connecticut communities, has experienced the effect of the opioid epidemic. In 2019’s first half, 12 persons perished from overdose in the town, a rise in number from seven, who had succumbed to overdose in 2018.

Types of Drug Abuse Disorder treatment centers Available for New London Residents

In New London, you can get rehab centers that are categorized into three:

  • Outpatient
  • Inpatient
  • Specialty program

Detox Process In New London, CT

Removing the toxic and addictive chemicals from your body is the first stage of rehab. This process is referred to as detox or detoxification. During this procedure, your body will break down or process alcohol and drugs still in your system. In this process, the toxic effect of the substance will be alleviated.

Substance abuse treatment Detox can be separated into two types:

  • Clinically managed detox
  • Medically assisted detox

Clinically managed detox is a strategy that is non-medical used by addicts who want to break away from substance abuse. This could purely include giving a comfortable and safe environment for the addict to complete the detox process. Other rehabs may offer practical treatment support from professionals and peer encouragement as you go through detox.

Medically assisted detox is done under the support of medical professionals and the care of mental health specialists. Their work is to maintain your comfort and safety as you go through the withdrawal side effects and probable medical difficulties that come with ceasing substance use. Medications may be, at times, be used to ease the desire for the use of the substance.

Drug Use Disorder In New London

Substance use disorder is an illness that influences a person’s ability to control the use of a substance, their behavior, and the way that their brain functions. A patient suffering from this illness will continue to depend on the addictive substance despite the damage that it brings to them or the people around them.

Addiction often starts with taking drugs to experiment in a communal setting. For some, the illness starts with being prescribed opioids or being offered these drugs by family members or friends.

How fast a person gets addicted to a substance depends on various factors. These factors include the regularity with which they abuse the drug, an individual’s aesthetic makeup, and the drug they are abusing.

With time the addict may require a larger amount of the drug to maintain the same effect the drug. As a result of the high intake, the addict develops a dependency on the drug and cannot live without it.

Drug and alcohol addictionLike other illnesses such as Crohn’s disease, diabetes, cancer has symptoms, drug addiction also has symptoms. They include:

  • Concentrating your energy and time on getting the drug
  • Spending money on a drug, even though you can’t afford it
  • Feeling the need to take the drug frequently, maybe even several times a day
  • Compromising your integrity to maintain a supply of the drug
  • Trying to stop using a substance and not being able to do it
  • Engaging in dangerous activities when you are under the influence of a drug

The American Society of Addiction Medicine and The American Medical Association categorizes addiction as an illness. Like in other illnesses, there is a mixture of hereditary, environmental, behavioral, and biological influences that makes a person develop the addiction.

Addiction alters the functioning of a person’s brain. If left untreated, the illness can cause other mental health and physical issues that require medical attention. As time goes by, the disorder can become life-threatening.

About 50% of persons with drug abuse problems appear to have a chronic illness. Substance abuse disorder or addiction is a relapsing and progressive disease. People struggling with the disease need rigorous treatment, monitoring, aftercare, and family support. 

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