The Drug Rehab Centre in Brunswick focuses on treating not only the drug addiction itself but also the underlying mental issues.

Benefits Of Seeking Treatment At Brunswick.

There are an array of advantages to seeking treatment at our treatment center. Here we focus on getting you back into your healthy mental capacity and help you live a drug-free life.

We employ these treatment programs to help you on your journey to recovery:

Medical Detox Resources

 Inpatient treatment clinicFor severe substance addictions like alcohol and heroin, this is the first step to beginning your treatment journey.

Patients are under supervision by professional medical staff who monitor their symptoms to ensure they remain safe during the withdrawal period.

Medication is provided to ease the discomfort that comes with withdrawal as alcohol and drugs exit the body. It is important to remember that medication taken during the withdrawal phase has to be clinically prescribed.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

This entails using medication together with counseling to help with the recovery process. Medicated-assisted treatment is used to treat alcohol, prescription, and illicit opioids. Medication helps stabilize bodily functioning and brain chemistry. 

The medication also helps to control cravings. This type of treatment helps people increase survival rates, decrease criminal activity, reduce abuse of opiates and generally stay in treatment. The most commonly prescribed drugs for this treatment program are buprenorphine and methadone.

Inpatient Treatment

Medical staff monitor and have 24-hour access to the patients. People receiving this kind of treatment often receive medication, participate in group therapy and go through counseling. Once the patient has successfully completed the inpatient treatment, they can be moved to other treatment settings like outpatient therapy.

Residential Rehab Resources In New Brunswick

This treatment differs from the inpatient treatment only in the sense that it lasts longer. People receiving the treatment reside on-site at the facility on a full-time basis. The stays can last from as little as a few weeks to as long as several months. The length of stay, however, depends highly on the kind of program and the client’s needs.

Partial Hospitalization Rehabilitation Program

This offers an alternative to residential or inpatient treatments. They can be part of the facilities programs or could be offered by standalone clinics. The patients receive treatment during the day, in the evenings, and on weekends and return home in the evenings.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs

This entails individual counseling and group treatments. Clients may live in sober living houses or at home. This level of care could also provide online counseling.

Outpatient Treatment In New Brunswick

Outpatient rehab involves group and individual counseling and access to medical services and medication. People come in for treatment based on their schedule flexibility. They continue to live at home and work.

Dual Diagnosis For Persons Dealing With Addictions

Drug detox therapyThis is availed to patients dealing with both mental health conditions and addictions. For instance, a person with alcohol addiction and also deals with anxiety and depression is a perfect candidate for this type of treatment.

They receive counseling, medications, and supportive services. 

Treatment plans have to consider both mental and addiction aspects. For instance, if a person receives treatment for alcohol addiction without treating the underlying depression, the possibility of a relapse is very high.

Court-Ordered Addiction Treatment

This treatment is ordered by the court as a legal consequence for drug-related crimes and offenses. It is just as effective as the voluntary treatment, if not more. It is treated in the same setting as the voluntary treatments and may be given as a way to reduce the length of probation or incarceration. 

The treatments may include group counseling, community-based programs, residential programs, and education programs depending on the level of offense.

Aftercare Programs

This type of care includes services such as ongoing counseling, support groups, peer support services Aftercare plays a very major role in the prevention of relapse. It is more efficient when people participate for longer lengths of time.

Choosing The Right Treatment For You 

The right treatment depends on an individual. What works for you may not work for someone else. Once you’ve decided that treatment is necessary for your loved one or yourself, start searching. Contacting and researching facilities. Your aim is to find the correct information and ask the right questions.

90210 Recovery in Beverly Hills, California will offer many options of treatment to help in your full recovery. Call us today and start your journey to sobriety.

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