Mount Vernon alcohol and drug rehab centersThe complex nature of addiction requires an equivalent treatment. In most cases, the patient will never face the same recovery journey. All patients need personalized care.

Have you been looking for a rehab facility that suits your particular condition? Don’t just settle for generic treatment. If you’re better suited with a holistic approach to drug recovery, need a personalized residential program, or need outpatient care, there’s always a facility that’s right for that. 90210 Recovery understands that you deserve the highest level of care, and has every resource in place to ensure they meet that.

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Alcohol and Opioid Recovery Program 

Our treatment facilities at 90210 understand that Detox is not an easy process to go through, as the withdrawal is both physically painful and mentally taxing.

The extreme cravings and physical effects of this process will make patients compromise and let up on their rehabilitation journeys. During this crucial time, our professional detox clinic will provide ongoing care and medical assistance. 

Inpatient care for addiction 

Alcohol abuse and addiction treatment in Mount VernonOne of the benefits of an inpatient rehab facility is the support network you have around you, both from friends and from care workers.

Inpatient addiction care offers a specialized treatment plan in a residential environment so that you can concentrate all your attention on rehabilitation and prevent destruction.

While you live in a rehab clinic, you will undergo a variety of therapies. In addition to evidence-based practices such as dialectical behavioral therapy, you may be able to engage in art therapy, exercise therapy, or nature therapy. 

Outpatient treatment 

Outpatient care essentially minimizes the need to move out of your house, it functions as the next step after residential treatment, or as the first step after Detox.

This therapy focuses mainly on behavioral conditioning, encouraging you to adjust your thinking to recover from addiction. It requires rigorous rehabilitation services that are expected to meet for nine or more hours per week. 

Medicine-Assisted therapy 

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) involves counseling or behavioral therapy with prescription medications with regulatory approval for the treatment of opioid or alcohol dependency.

Drugs work in a variety of ways. It may help to alleviate the cravings for a drug or make it easier to contain the side effects of withdrawal. In certain cases, these medications have adverse consequences if they drink drugs or alcohol, which allows them to abstain more effectively. 

Residential Care & Alumni Programs 

Alumni services are outlets for counseling and continuing care for graduates of drug recovery programs. Services here include; access to community resources, 12-step programs, outpatient therapy, transitional housing, and more. 

Duration of addiction  treatment

Depending on the nature of a patient’s condition, drug therapy can be short-term, such as a program that lasts just a few weeks, or long-term, such as a program that lasts more than a year. 

However, a better consideration would be the integration of the program with the patient case; several programs adapt the duration of care to the needs of each person.

The more you can concentrate on your recovery, the more sustainable the solution is. As a rule of thumb, patients should continue therapy that lasts at least three months and then consult with their doctors in cases of potential relapse

The funding of the care plan 

Treatment expenses should never get in the way of a healthy life. It is possible that some parts of mental/addiction treatment will be covered -especially for people who have health insurance. That said even with coverage, you’re still likely to pay any residual fees or costs. 

Drug Abuse patterns at Mount Vernon Illinois 

Mount Vernon rehab facilityDrug research in Mount Vernon and the rest of Jefferson County continue to produce results as the local community battles against drug and alcohol violence. The following section summarizes the situation. 

  • In September 2019, the Mount Vernon police detained eleven narco-traffickers following months of prosecution. 
  • The same project culminated in the arrest of 15 drug traffickers in November 2019. 
  • Of those arrested in the second inquiry, ten were citizens of Mount Vernon.

Suffering from Addiction, we can Help!

The healing process is done when you uncover the underlying causes of addiction. With 90210 Recovery Center be sure to get to the bottom of these issues. Call us today at (844) 462-8571 for free to arrange for a consultation!

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