Addiction Rehab in Half Moon Bay CA 

Moon drug rehab centerIf you are looking for a facility with experienced staff and is lovely, comfortable, and roomy, you are in luck. The 90210 Recovery Center provides top-shelf alcohol and drug abuse treatment that will ensure a full recovery for the ailing patients. Our programs are designed to provide higher chances of recovery by providing intensive and comprehensive treatment programs.

We employ treatments such as dual diagnosis and holistic treatment approaches that look into treating other aspects of addiction that many other treatment centers often overlook. This is all in an attempt to ensure that our patients fully heal from the addictions and go back to living life to their fullest.

Substance Abuse in Half Moon Bay, CA

Many people feel that they are too busy to seek help for their addiction. However true this may be, people need to realize that rehabs are more flexible and can offer programs that suit your schedule. There is available help for people that are busy such as professional people, business owners, and executives who feel they cannot find time to go for treatment and keep up with their work schedules.

Individualized Treatment Programs

Every person that checks in with us should feel special and invaluable. This is why when you set foot in our facility, you go through an assessment by our clinical and medical professionals to determine the best type and level of care for your needs. They then design a treatment plan that revolves around your unique experiences and needs. Whatever you are addicted to,  be it alcohol or drugs, our medical team will ensure they give you the right and appropriate treatment.

Treatment Options in 90210 Recovery

  • Amenities such as yoga, workout room, massage, and swimming pool. Relaxing and loosening up between treatment sessions is essential for unwinding and have some fun after a long day. 
  • Holistic treatment: This treatment uses plans and techniques to heal the whole body. 
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): This form of therapy will help you develop skills to prevent tricky behaviors, intrusive thinking, and emotional difficulties
  • Group counseling: People share their experiences amongst themselves in the presence of a specialist

Addiction Treatment

Everyone’s addiction stories and experiences are unique and exclusive to them. They require an individualized treatment plan and this exactly what our treatment center provides. We recognize the need for some individuals to stay longer in rehab than others and that is why we do not have a treatment program that treats all individuals. We specialize in treatment according to the requirements and needs of an individual.

Safe and Supervised Alcohol and Drug Detox

 Rehab for drug addiction MoonThe detoxification process is the removal of toxins or drugs and alcohol from the body naturally. This procedure comes right after an assessment is performed by our specialists. 

Detoxing can be challenging for some people because of the challenge of dealing with withdrawal symptoms. 

The most common signs of withdrawal include muscle discomfort, stress, and perspiration. Other serious and more severe symptoms may include seizures, mental frustration, self-harm, tremors, unusual heart rate, and vomiting. This is why it is highly recommended to have the detox procedure performed by medical staff where they can monitor and administer the appropriate medication if needed.

Dual Diagnosis: Certified Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

Beating drug and alcohol addiction is very difficult. Many people that suffer from addiction also suffer from co-occurring disorders which should be treated alongside addiction if one is to make a full recovery. 

This treatment is referred to as dual diagnosis. Treating addiction and ignoring the existence of these mental issues most times turns out to be a waste of time and resources as most patients tend to relapse.

About 90210 Recovery

The leading substance rehab center in California as we apply the best treatment programs that ensure recovery is achieved. We take pride in a team that is experienced and hands-on on matters of addiction. We treat all kinds of addiction.

Anyone seeking addiction treatment should know that we truly care and are here to offer the best solutions for your problems.  We offer top-end services and amenities to help our patients achieve long-term sobriety. Our care is on an around the clock basis and monitored to ensure everyone has access to the best care available. Join us today.

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