Montgomery alcohol rehab center90210 Recovery physicians address the psychological, neurobiological, and behavioral causes underlying our patients’ addictions, as well as creating a network of men and women in treatment to rely on motivation. Patients at 90210 Recovery facilities provide access to therapy, family programming, medications, and community groups at least three days a week. 

These principles are important for the successful management of addiction. You will initiate supportive addiction therapy in Beverly Hills, California within 24 hours of the first phone call. We feel it is vital for patients to begin recovery as quickly as possible, without having to wait for the bed to be open or to start work. 90210 Recovery Outpatient rehab services are much more economical than residential care, and we partner with most major insurance providers.

Montgomery Township Inpatient Detox 

The 90210 Recovery detox unit offers a healthy, controlled atmosphere for people recovering from alcohol and/or medications, such as:

  • Opiates like opium, painkillers such as Oxycontin and Percocet, and others
  • Benzodiazepines, including Xanax, Valium, Ativan, among others
  • We also deal with the use of any other related chemicals.

Under medical guidance, an individualized approach is designed to treat withdrawals healthily with the least degree of suffering to the customer. Mental wellbeing needs, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, among others will be addressed in this process.

Once conditions have improved, the person is advised to transfer to our inpatient/rehab unit, which uses a range of rehabilitation exercises to build sober life skills and retain inspiration.

Inpatient Rehab

 Montgomery alcohol and drug rehabOur inpatient/rehab program offers a holistic approach to treatment for people 18 years of age and older who are dealing with substance misuse and/or substance abuse/dependence.

Our service supports mental health needs such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, and others.

Our inpatient/rehab uses a range of clinical methods to build sober life skills to sustain inspiration. It includes individual, family, and group therapy; family education; and recreation programs such as yoga, aerobics, basketball, and more. There is also a chaplain available.

When a person leaves the rehab, they are encouraged to move to one of our rehabilitation services.

Phases of Alcohol Recovery in Montgomery 

Intensive outpatient therapy at 90210 Recovery requires three typical stages of treatment. It also provides comprehensive psychiatric care to combat common challenges and co-occurring conditions such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Our treatment program overlaps with detoxification, therapy, and continued care sessions to promote a seamless transition between the three phases.

Detoxification is an Outpatient Facility

In as much as patients can get these services as outpatients, we prefer patients staying at our luxurious recovery centers for up to 8 hours a day. Patients seldom need hospitalization but are available immediately as needed.

Alcohol and Drug Recovery Programs in Montgomery 

 Such meetings will provide community counseling and training. We steadily raise the frequency of outpatient therapy sessions from five to twice a week as patients recover. Patients also engage in individual therapies.

Continued Care In Alcohol and Drug Outpatient Care

 Alcohol treatment centers in MontgomeryIt is available to our patients and others who have visited other rehab centers and have improved in early recovery. This process involves a two-hour community session once a week.

IOP therapy is the most overlooked process of treatment and rehabilitation in other inpatient and outpatient services. Once patients complete detoxification and recovery, they do need care, as do their families.

Our drug therapy requires ongoing care that ranges in duration, depending on the needs of the patient. Our doctors and nurses advise patients to stay in on-going care until they have a solid treatment plan that typically takes a year or two. During this time, we also urge family members and loved ones to consider joining our community groups at the 90210 Recovery Center.

We feel so strongly about the value of this plan that we are extending our continuing care services to everyone who wants it. This covers our IOP patients as well as individuals who are moving from residential or intensive outpatient care to another hospital. Our mission is to assist those patients who need assistance during rehabilitation.

Montgomery Alcohol Treatment Facility

Patients undergo monthly group counseling sessions during continued treatment. We also empower patients to be more closely active in the treatment support network. Combining community service groups and involvement in clinical care offers the best results for continued rehabilitation following acute treatment.

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At 90210 Recovery, our goal is to keep patients comfortable, happy, and safe after the initial period of therapy has finished. Continuing care after IOP is a crucial move for people with addiction to outpatient rehabilitation.

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