Monroeville drug addictionMonroeville, Alabama, is famous as the host of Lyle Slater Park and Alabama Southern Community College. However, the town is not as wonderful and peaceful as it may seem since many residents are struggling with drugs and substance abuse. Statistics have revealed that 91 people die daily due to an opiate overdose in the United States. Drugs and substance abuse is a severe problem that affects millions of people.

Across Alabama State, residents have also been greatly affected by this pandemic. The biggest question is how this crisis can be dealt with. The solution to this issue begins on a personal level. Persons struggling with drugs and substance abuse addiction should seek help from a reputable Monroeville drug rehab facility.

Daily Fatalities Linked to Opiates

Drug abuse is one of the serious crises faced in the United States. Ninety-one people die from opioid overdoses daily, according to CDC statistics. However, regardless of these statistics, patients suffering from this problem can still find help in Monroeville drug rehab if they choose to. 

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Monroeville, Alabama

For Monroeville, Alabama residents, several resources are available for people struggling with drugs and substance abuse. These comprise inpatient treatment programs, medical detox centers, and recovery and medication-assisted treatment meetings.

Addiction Treatment Levels

Residential Treatment Programs

Residential treatment programs are designed for patients struggling with a severe form of addiction. The program is also suitable for patients who cannot access safe or stable home environments. They are offered a conducive environment to stay in the facility during their treatment period.

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Detox Centers

Before commencing drugs and substance addiction treatment, it is essential first to seek medically assisted detoxification. Marijuana or cocaine detox is not as complicated as that of hydrocodone or Valium. Abstinence from using your drug of choice could bring some withdrawal symptoms that could be mild or severe. Therefore, it is very crucial to seek medically assisted detox.

Recovery Meetings 

Seeking inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment and detox is an essential factor towards addiction recovery. However, these are not the only steps that you need to stay sober and recover fully. Finding a recovery meetings group is also an essential element towards full recovery.

Risks of Taking Addictive Drugs

Rehab centersAbusing substances such as marijuana, anti-anxiety pills, prescription painkillers, or antidepressants can have a negative impact on your mental and physical wellness. For instance, smoking marijuana irritates your lungs just like tobacco and can lead to respiratory conditions such as asthma. Prolonged abuse of marijuana can cause mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.

Abuse of prescription opiates is as dangerous as the abuse of heroin. Both drugs pose the risk of overdose, and they can cause damage to your liver and kidneys, as well as causing digestive and breathing difficulties.

Abuse of anti-anxiety medications can cause energy loss, loss of mood, confusion, memory loss, and lightheadedness. Particularly, Benzodiazepines are dangerous for a person with a history of depression, as drug usage increases their risk of suicide.

Whereas antidepressants are prescribed to develop mental wellness, when the drugs are taken in high doses, they pose the risk of developing hallucinations, psychosis, paranoia, and even suicidal thoughts. The drugs can also cause the user to be irritable, aggressive and disturb their sleep. Abuse of antidepressants can affect the abuser physically too. Some are linked to altered digestion, irregular heartbeat, and weight gain.

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