Are you dealing with alcohol addiction? Have you exhausted your search for viable treatment centers in Monroe Township? Are you willing and committed enough to travel for treatment? At the 90210 Recover Center, we offer the best programs to help you achieve long-term sobriety. Our amenities will give you the feeling of being home and our staff will provide you with around the clock attention and care. 

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Inpatient addiction treatment centers in Monroe TownshipWe do not only help you become alcohol and drug-free, but we also help you regain control of your life by beating addiction and teaching you new skills to fight stress without resorting to drugs. We make treatment fun with our variety of outdoor activities aimed at helping you relax. Alcohol and drugs do not have to control your life. 

Choosing to get treatment for your addiction is the best decision a person dealing with addiction could make. With treatment, a situation can take a serious turn from the worst to having a fulfilling life that will guide you in finding the right treatment for your specific addiction. It does not matter the type of addiction you are struggling with, at the 90210 Recovery Center, we have a solution for you.

What Does Drug Addiction Treatment Look Like in Monroe Township, NJ

Recovery from addiction calls for a complete do-over of one’s perceptions and lifestyle. Alcohol and drug addiction is a terrible disease that not only affects the body but the mind as well.

 It takes weeks and even months of intensive care to identify and treat any underlying issues leading to addiction

Learning new coping skills, healthy boundaries, and stress management increase one’s chances of achieving and maintaining sobriety.

 There is little to no hope of ever achieving sobriety until the underlying reasons for drug addiction and dependency have been identified and treated. Most people struggling with addiction also may be suffering from co-occurring mental health issues such as behavioral issues, trauma, anxiety, and depression. 

Unless these conditions are also looked into, treating addiction alone will only be a waste of time and resources. Drug abuse treatment starts with detoxification which removes toxins and traces of the drug from the body after which the specialists start treating the brain. Here at the 90210 Recovery center, we will help you begin treatment and see that you go through with it and emerge victoriously.

Should I Travel For Rehab?

Relocating is a good choice for people struggling with severe addiction or those that do not have a stable home environment or the support of family and friends. Leaving your comfort zone to seek treatment is a huge decision but it is very advantageous as it removes you from the company of old drinking buddies and an environment that is a threat to your sobriety. 

Whatever you choose, the 90210 Recovery center will be ready for you to help you jump start your journey towards recovery. Staying away from your home environment will help you focus solely on your recovery without the distractions and temptations of your old life.

How Long Will Addiction Treatment Take in Monroe  Township, NJ

Substance abuse and mental health facilities, Monroe TownshipIf you have the opportunity to take a longer treatment plan, take it. It has been proven that the longer you stay in a drug rehabilitation center the higher your chances are of maintaining sobriety. These drug addiction centers help you with alcohol and drug addiction treatment on a deeply engrained level to fully change your way of life. Longer terms have shown higher success rates. 

The shortest time a treatment program can last is 30 days, which works for people with mild addictions. Longer duration treatment programs can last up to 90 days or longer and typically involve a medical detox, then an inpatient treatment program, and then the outpatient program which is usually combined with alumni and aftercare services such as sober living homes.

We Are The Rehab For You 

Choosing the right rehab program for you is very crucial in treating helping you reach and maintain sobriety. Identifying your unique needs and requirements before enrolling in a rehab center will greatly work in your favor when it comes to regaining control over your life.

 Our specialists at the 90210 Recovery will help you identify these needs and design a unique treatment plan for you. You are not alone on this journey. We will hold your hand and make sure you achieve your life-long dream of becoming sober.

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