Quitting substance abuseDrug addiction is one of the most challenging experiences one can face. If you or a loved one has fallen victim to this, you are not alone. However, there is hope. Drug rehab facilities have been set up to help remedy this issue.

Meriden, like many other areas, has been plagued by the menace of substance abuse and addiction. In 2018, more than one hundred and fifty people were enrolled in Meriden drug rehab programs after a dual diagnosis.

A dual diagnosis is when an individual has an addiction issue coupled with a mental health condition. This usually arises when an individual self-medicates in an attempt to treat the signs of the mental issue. On the flip side, a person may develop a mental issue like depression and anxiety due to the drug use disorder.

In 2017, more than nine hundred cases of drug overdose were reported in Meriden. The number of overdoses and fatal overdose cases has reached an all-time high due to drug abuse’s affliction.

 Getting expert assistance for Drug and Alcohol Addiction.

A person needing professional help with drug rehab displays numerous signs and symptoms that could prove fatal if ignored. One such pervasive sign of drug addiction is the inability to quit. No matter how committed you are to the idea of stopping, you always end up in addiction again.

Another such symptom is when so much time is spent on drugs or looking for them. Also, as time passes, you’ve had to increase the amount of the particular substance in order to reach the desired high.

On the same note, other signs that may show that you or a loved one need rehab include:

  • Failure to meet work goals
  • work absenteeism
  • Inability to hold down a job. 
  • Ignoring the usual day to day activities.

Also, keep an eye out for individuals who like solitude. Addicts tend to isolate and only gravitate towards persons who use the same drug or from those whom the drugs are obtained.

  • Sleep patterns will be abnormal.
  • Their diet will be greatly uneven.
  • May result in irreversible physical damage to a person

Properly Dealing with Drug Addiction

Drug addiction recovery programsOnce you make a choice to seek professional help, don’t hesitate to call any Meriden drug rehab center. We have a 24/7 line of communication to deal with any and all inquiries and consultations. This way, we are able to assist anyone who reaches out to get help.

For any drug abuse intervention to be effective and harmless, getting guidance from a qualified therapist or doctor is highly recommended.

Various inpatient treatment centers have medical staff on their teams to provide guidance and lead an intervention course

Treatment Programs in Meriden

The ideal course of drug treatment depends on the kind and the extent of an individual’s underlying drug or alcohol addiction. In the case where a person misuses but is not necessarily addicted to a drug, they may join the outpatient program to help deal with the disorder.

However, if the addiction has reached a level where the misuse is significant, the time is now to consider joining an inpatient treatment program.

Cost of Substance Misuse and Addiction Treatment

Treatment approaches in MeridenConventionally, the cost of a rehab program is fundamentally determined by the program a patient chooses to join. Also, the duration spent in a rehab program affects the overall cost of this type of medical care.

In choosing to turn your life around, you deserve a program that will bring you the results you desire. Our research-based rehab programs are intended to ensure that you experience only the best rehab facilities available. After the medical detox phase, you can choose to either join the outpatient program or the inpatient program.

We also offer aftercare services to support patients who have completed the programs. Depending on your unique circumstances, our programs will deal with each issue that arises. Call us now and experience the best drug rehab programs. 

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