Marysville substance use disorder treatment services Prolonged alcohol abuse may lead to dependency, and trying to quit often brings uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. In other cases, withdrawal can be fatal. We offer an environment for safe, relaxed detox in a supportive and positive setting.

Symptoms of alcohol addiction include:

  • Irrepressible cravings for the drug
  • Withdrawal symptoms whenever the person does not use the substance
  • Alcohol brings strain in relationships, finances, jobs, or even causes health problems, yet the person cannot quit drinking.
  • Going to dangerous extents to get just a taste of alcohol

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Drug rehab is the process of therapeutic or medical treatment for dependency upon addictive substances such as alcohol, street drugs, and medicinal drugs. The main aim is to enable the addict to quit substance abuse, to avoid the effects of extreme abuse.

Treatment includes medication for mental or other disorders, sharing experiences with other addicts, and professional counseling.

Alcohol is widely consumed in America today. Regular consumption of alcohol makes the body dependent on alcohol. Involuntary quivering a few hours after your last drink is an alcohol withdrawal symptom, which can be fatal. Withdrawal symptoms can cause alcoholics to drink again, to stop the withdrawal. The drinking cycle to avoid withdrawal causes alcohol addiction.

Individualized Treatment Programs

Every person should feel important and special, and our experts in the luxury treatment facility make sure of this. When you come to our facility, you’ll be assessed by medical professionals, who will then carry out an individualized plan. Our team will ask questions to know more about your condition. This is the basis for the recovery process.

The substances you have been using and how long you have been using them is imperative for the experts to know. All this is to help them come up with a customized treatment plan for you.

Treatment Programs for Marysville Residents

Drug and alcohol rehab centers in MarysvilleSome patients require intensive monitoring by clinical staff, while others may complete it in a week because they do not need significant supervision. Each patient has unique complications, and so are their treatment needs. Every patient needs an individual tailor-made treatment plan, and our center offers that.

There are three types of treatment: intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), partial-hospitalization (PHP), and outpatient treatment. The medical experts choose the type that suits you depending on their findings after assessment.

For residential treatment, patients receive treatment and monitoring 24-hours a day and live at our facility for their treatment duration.

If, after undergoing residential treatment, the patient wants to continue with therapy, we have a treatment plan available. Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) warrants rigorous treatment for a person who is not an in-house patient.

A partial hospitalization program is for preoccupied patients during the day and can stay the whole day without using the substance. These people have most likely undergone the initial treatment process and are in their final steps of treatment. They come to the facility in the evening. This is known as partial-hospitalization (PHP).

Safe and Supervised Alcohol Detox in Marysville

Every patient’s body reacts differently to detox, so it is essential to be around a team of addiction professionals and appropriate medical care. This stage comes after an extensive examination by the health care crew; it is more about expelling drugs or alcohol from your system. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are sweating, stress, and muscle spasm.

Other severe symptoms that may occur are tremors, seizures, self-harm, nausea, abnormal heart rate, and more.

Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders at a Marysville Drug Rehab

A patient could have other medical complications apart from the addiction problem. In some instances, it could be an emotional or mental health problem. To deal with your alcohol addiction and the underlying causes, a treatment approach known as the dual diagnosis is used. The main advantage of establishing the underlying causes is that the triggers that may lead to relapse will be avoided.

How to Get an Addiction Treatment Facility

Marysville alcohol detox and rehab treatment centersThe desire to quit is often the start, yet it is not enough. It is essential to seek professional help at a rehab facility. The reason many people relapse is that they try to do it on their own. Choosing a rehab center based on its affordability may not achieve the desired results.

90210 Recovery is a licensed luxury rehab facility that offers personalized treatment in California. A psychiatrist, medical doctor, nursing staff, and case manager are assigned to each patient. Call us today for inquiries.

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