After admitting to yourself that you have an addiction problem, the next step is to choose what to do about it. It is easy to lie to yourself that your drug problem is not serious, that you don’t need help, or that you can still function properly with your addiction.

However, the truth is that most people do need treatment in order to completely recover and improve their lives. You can find help by choosing a treatment program that suits your drug addiction recovery. 

How Do I Know I Need Rehab?

Drug rehab centers in MansfieldThere are several signs that can aid you to realize when you need treatment. In many cases, family members and friends realize that you have an addiction problem and let you know. But if you are asking yourself whether your problem is bad enough, consider these questions:

  • Do I make excuses for myself to use drugs?
  • Have I noticed significant changes in my behavior, interests, and health since I began using certain substances?
  • Have I tried to stop my drug abuse––or at least cut back––on my own and not been successful?
  • Do I use drugs every day?
  • Do I use brain-altering drugs even when I am alone?
  • Do I get severe psychological or physical withdrawal symptoms when I have not used the drug?
  • Do I desire the drug I abuse or anticipate using it whenever I am not high?
  • Have I changed my behavior to a riskier one or am I more ready to do risky things when I’m high so as to find more of the drug?
  • Have I started neglecting my duties in favor of using drugs?
  • Do I feel that I seek out the substance compulsively?
  • Have other areas of my life suffered (work, finances, school, relationships, etc.) because of my drug abuse?
  • In spite of this, am I still unable to control it?

If your answer to more than three of these questions is yes, you probably have a mild addiction. If there are four or five yeses, you could have a greater addiction problem but could worsen over time. If you answered yes to all questions, then your problem is severe. This is however not an official diagnosis, and therefore you should discuss your problem with the doctor to establish how bad the problem is.

Can I Beat Addiction Without Rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehab facilities, MansfieldYes, some people make a complete recovery from drug addiction without treatment. The numbers are however low due to some reasons:

  • Recovery is constantly threatened by a relapse, even for addicts who have gone to rehab and those without adequate tools to fight against it
  • Overcoming addiction by yourself is very difficult
  •  A majority of those who are able to maintain their recovery for years go to more than one rehab center since the time they start their sobriety journey. 
  • Support and help from medical professionals during the treatment period are very necessary as many patients trust they can diagnose and treat themselves. This is not the safest road to recovery as mistakes can be made and eventually relapse.

Though there are people who recuperate without rehab, it is a much tougher road and has a higher likelihood of relapse problems. Rehabilitation centers that utilize behavioral therapy, medication, and other treatment options have proven their effectiveness, and the patients who undertake these programs are generally more successful in their sobriety journey than those who do not.

Do I Really Need Rehab?

Whether the condition of the addict is severe or not, many of these addicts still require rehab treatment services to beat their addiction. Whether you are a top-performing addict who still succeeds in staying on top of their responsibilities, have been abusing drugs for only a brief period, or you feel your addiction is not as severe, you can always profit from going to rehab and letting yourself get help.

Should you or your loved one be struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, seek help from us. Do not hesitate to contact us today and start your recovery journey. 90210 Recovery is a leader in Addiction and mental health treatment and offers the best treatment options in the United States. Reach out to us today at (844)462-8571.

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