Recovery from alcohol addictionEstablished in West Los Angeles, the Betty Ford Center outpatient rehab center presents affordable access—both workdays and weeknights— to world-class alcohol and drug dependence treatment programs.

Appointments at our outpatient dependence treatment facility within Los Angeles are represented after inpatient substance misuse programming at the Betty Ford Center’s flagship rehab facility within Rancho Mirage, California. The Rancho Mirage treatment station was co-founded in 1982 by former First Lady and outspoken dependence recovery associate Betty Ford.

By administering outpatient assistance at our West Los Angeles drug treatment facility, the Betty Ford Center’s expert care and clinical assistance are within grasp for many more individuals who need dependency counseling and associated drug and alcohol rehabilitation assistance. 

Because the Betty Ford Facility in Los Angeles admits most well-being coverage plans, our rehabilitation applications are accessible to further individuals who endeavor the most efficient therapy and care to discover long-term abstinence and get their lives following from substance misuse.

Based on your specific circumstances and difficulties and guidelines revealed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, dependence, and mental well-being, clinicians at the outpatient Betty Ford Center in Los Angeles will collectively create an individualized treatment plan that identifies a fundamental level of frequency of concern for you. Your therapy organization will continually evaluate your development throughout our outpatient application, improve your application plan, respectively, and contract post-rehab support to manage and promote your ongoing rehabilitation from dependence.

Patients with more complex dependence and restoration concerns may necessitate more opportunity to address:

  • Relapse stoppage
  • Co-occurring mental health ailments
  • Special effects and concerns
  • Sober living experiences

Our Los Angeles drug rehab center’s plans and assistance include accelerated outpatient strategy and post-treatment organizations and assistance. 

Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Program

The intensive outpatient application (IOP) at our Los Angeles facility center alters based on clinical guidance.

Our intensive outpatient curriculum is a suitable option as a follow-up to residential therapy, also known as inpatient administration, or a day treatment plan. This outpatient rehab level can be exceptionally beneficial for patients who have an enduring residential life and those who are undergoing alcohol or drug dependence treatment for the primary time. Sessions are retained at our Los Angeles treatment facility on weekday evenings or weeknights.

Low-Intensity Outpatient Treatment Centers

Alcohol and drug detox facilitiesAt the Betty Ford Center’s Los Angeles rehabilitation, we offer counselor-facilitated organizations each week that presents a worthwhile occasion for subjects to:

  1. Learn about relapse avoidance tactics
  2. Identify self-defeating habits that are causing undue pressure
  3. Process any immediate recovery matters
  4. Address other challenges and concerns

Our Adult Low-Intensity Outpatient organizations in Los Angeles are granted Mondays from noon to 1 p.m. and Tuesdays nights from 6 to 7 p.m.

Telehealth and Virtual Addiction Treatment Services

Recovery, Hazelden Betty Ford’s full-line virtual behavioral wellness assistance, brings our world-class outpatient dependence and mental health concern, recovery assistance resources, and family services immediately to you. Many services are insurance-eligible and comply with governmental and state health administration privacy guidance. Our online treatment services are accessible in California and developing swiftly to other nations; please request us for the most up-to-date knowledge.

Outpatient Mental Health And Alcohol Treatment Services

Our Los Angeles outpatient facility center also offers mental health counseling and associated assistance. Authorized mental health staff provides deliberation and counseling gatherings Monday through Friday, by arrangement only. 

Services accessible at our Los Angeles practice center include:

  • Mental health evaluations, including psychological evaluations
  • Psychiatric deliberation and medication administration
  • Individual and group treatment
  • Mental health group gatherings including a DBT group at 10 a.m. on Fridays

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills in Los Angeles Facilities

Our Los Angeles facility center offers a 10-week DBT skills organization that assembles every Friday from 11 a.m.–noon. You do not require to be a current or former patient of our practice center to engage. DBT is an evidence-based practice approach that maintains skill-building to balance behavioral variation.

Recovery Management in Our Drug Rehab Centers

Los Angeles rehabilitation programsAs you begin your rehabilitation from drug or other alcohol dependence, you will discover that your freshly sober life takes endurance, practice, and daily dedication to recapturing and sustaining your health. That’s because you are essentially discovering a new way of existing as you substitute your former lifestyle that revolved around substance abuse with wholesome new habits and practices. You are acquiring to handle a chronic illness.

Also, experts from beyond the more generous Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation present numerous online, in-person, and digital restoration support sources and assistance to guide you to strengthen your sober lifestyle and establish wholesome new habits and relationships for the long-term. These sources include mobile apps, special-focus Twelve Step retreats, online recovery agreements, speaker experiences, and other pursuits, as well as phone-based coaching and responsive assistance.

If you cherish one grapple with drug or alcohol dependency, contact us or call 1-855-954-1238 to converse with a recovery specialist. We welcome your inquiries about the residential practice and outpatient rehab benefits and insurance coverage.

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