Lebanon alcohol rehab programsThe Muslim or Islamic religion has very strict rules on the use of drugs and alcohol. Many Muslims live in self-discipline, prayer, spiritual awareness, peace, and moderation. In living such a principled life, the individual forms a strong bond with Allah and they have very little use for substance abuse.

They also follow rules of Islam that prohibit them from the use of both drugs and alcohol. Despite these rules and principles that have been put in place, there are still many followers of the Islamic faith that deal with the problem of addiction to both drugs and alcohol. 

Because of the stigma associated with substance abuse in these Muslim countries, many people suffering from addiction go to great lengths to conceal these issues from their friends and families for fear of shame and embarrassment. 

Due to the public nature of admission, many people may be wary of checking into a rehab center, However, addiction is a disease that is impacted by environmental, social, and biological factors and needs treatment like any other disease.

This is why at the 90210 Recovery Center, we understand the repercussions that come with being dependent on drugs and alcohol in an environment that this kind of thing is highly frowned upon. 

This is why we encourage people from all over the world that suffer from addiction to find solace at our center where we offer equal services to all our patients. We offer the privacy and confidentiality that we know you need and allow you to recover peacefully.

Muslim Substance Abuse Statistics and Practices

Mostly due to the stigma associated with the use of drugs and alcohol in the Muslim community, there have been very few studies on the practice in the communities where the participants are not ready to reveal any information on the issue. According to a study done recently, the rate of substance abuse in the Chicago Muslim Community was at 4%, However, surveys are done internationally revealed that 44% of Muslim students use alcohol in Lebanon.

Environment and location are major determinants of the rate of substance abuse among members of the Muslim communities. It has also been documented that most people from the Muslim community abstain from substance abuse due to respect for the Quran, personal discipline, communal disapproval, guilt, shame, and other religious reasons.

Mental Disorders in the Muslim Community

Substance abuse and mental health disorders often go hand in hand. These are referred to as dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. In the United States, mental issues in the Islam community often are caused by minority stress or Islamophobic attitudes. 

A Chicago study notes that Individuals from the Islamic community suffer from a higher than average rate of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, and anxiety ranked at 14%, and adjustment disorders at 43%

Muslims seek God for peace through community and prayer. Members of the community often perceive mental disorders as spiritual disorders or as a result of spiritual disconnection or demonic possession. They spiritually seek healing completely sidelining the need to seek medical attention for mental illnesses.

Understanding the Severity of Addiction in Lebanon

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), Alcohol and drug addiction in Lebanon is diagnosed on a spectrum of eleven criteria, including:

Rehab centers for alcohol addiction Lebanon

  • Withdrawal
  • Tolerances
  • Worsening situations
  • Dangerous use
  • Loss of interest
  • Problem with relationships
  • Lack of responsibility
  • Cravings
  • Spending lots of time trying to find the substance 
  • Desire to quit but unable to
  • Lack of control 

The severity of your addiction is based on how many criteria you fall under. For instance, if 2 or 3 points apply to you, you may be suffering from a mild case of addiction, but even then, it is still advisable to seek treatment and help from medical professionals.

When to go to Alcohol Rehab in Lebanon

Co-occurring mental health issues and substance abuse are the causes of thousands of deaths around the world. As a general rule, if addictive behavior and substance use disorders are causing negative effects on any aspect of your life, then it is the right time to seek treatment.

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