Are you considering reducing your alcohol consumption? Are you thinking about leading a sober life? You have come to the right place. At the 90210 Recovery Center, we offer invaluable mental health and addiction recovery programs through our inpatient rehab program. Through our private rehab programs and our approach to recovery, we will help you kickstart and complete your journey to sobriety. 

Ready for Rehab at Lancaster?

 Drug rehabilitation center in LancasterIf you are looking at the possibility of a sober future and are considering checking into a Lancaster alcohol rehab center, you are on the right track. Inclining to act on your addiction is a positive first step in the right direction. Reaching recovery is a very big milestone for most users and this comes with a lot of challenges such as lack of motivation, negative feelings, and withdrawal symptoms. 

To get past these obstacles, you have to be fully committed to the cause and embrace each step towards healing. Without this commitment, you can easily get sidetracked and fall off the wagon making any future attempts at sobriety unappealing and challenging.

That said, we encourage one to be ready psychologically and physically when looking to enroll in an alcohol rehab center. Start today by:

  • Acknowledging that you have a problem with alcohol addiction 
  • Selling a rehab center that feels most appropriate for you 
  • Committing to the idea of long-term sobriety
  • Familiarising yourself with the process of rehabilitation
  • Opening up to professionals or loved ones
  • Working through all the steps recommended

Ready For Alcohol Rehab, Lancaster?  

You don’t always have to be physically addicted to alcohol to check into rehab. There are, however, some signs that will help you identify an addiction.

  • If your body is struggling to function normally without alcohol
  • If a doctor says that you have poor health due to alcohol
  • Your alcohol use s negatively impacting your freedom, relationships, and career
  • You experience strong cravings for the drink

Alcohol Abuse Side Effects

Recovery at Lancaster Alcohol RehabThe larger the quantities and the longer the time of use, the more severe the effects on your body and mind are. The short term alcohol abuse side effects are; 

  • Short term memory loss
  • Anxiety and fear, 
  • Breathing problems,
  • Decreased or increased heart rate, 
  • Muscle control difficulties

Long-term effects may include;

  • The body’s inability to absorb nutrients and vitamins
  • Bone and muscle breakdown
  • Difficulty focusing on family and career
  • Long-term memory loss 
  • Organ damage

Recovery at the Lancaster Alcohol Rehab

Naturally, the first course of action will be to enroll in an alcohol rehab center. We provide our clients with a detox program that will flush out any toxins in the body and help the body start adapting to functioning without the help of drugs.

 We will also offer a range of treatment programs that include cognitive behavioral therapy, holistic treatment programs, relapse prevention among others. 

In addition to the treatment options available, we offer a positive environment, compassionate and friendly networks, 24/7 care, wellness plans, and a comprehensive plan to progress through.

Lancaster Aftercare Services

To make sure that you stay sober long after leaving our facility, we provide aftercare services to our patients post-rehab. These aftercare services are imperative in making you stay committed, focused, and motivated to stay sober.

Our treatment options improve your success rate and living an alcohol-free life. The aftercare services we provide include support groups and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. 

The essence of these groups is to be in the company of people going through the same experiences as yourself. This sharing and comparing experiences helps a great deal to motivate one to reach their sobriety goals.

The Right Alcohol Rehab For You

Lancaster Aftercare ServicesAt the 90210 Recovery, we work tirelessly to prevent any relapses after time spent in our rehab facility. However, no matter the amount of effort we put in helping you stay sober, you have to put in most of the work to prevent any relapses. 

Our after-care support team will be by your side should you find staying sober outside of rehab difficult. Our team of specialists will always be available to bail you out and provide the necessary solutions to this problem.

We are well aware of the obstacles and challenges of getting clean, but you should not be afraid to make that life decision. We will hold your hand and walk with you, every step of the way until you’ve reached your full sobriety potential. 

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