Drugs Abuse and Mental Health in Lakewood, WA

Usually, it is difficult to specify if someone has been struggling with drugs and substance abuse, leading to mental health issues. However, if a person shows various signs and symptoms of drugs and substance abuse, they have likely struggled with this condition.  Drug abuse signs include relationship issues, financial difficulties, and lack of responsibilities towards personal obligations, school dropouts, employment issues, and withdrawal symptoms. This condition requires a person to seek an evaluation to ascertain whether they have a case that needs a dual diagnosis.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Drugs and substance abuseIt is also referred to as BPD. This condition is one of the disorders of mental health, which is commonly linked to addiction. It is very likely for patients to display signs and symptoms of drug addiction if diagnosed with this complication. In such a scenario, the patient is thought to have a dual diagnosis.

When you have both borderline personality disorder and addiction, you should look for a dual diagnosis treatment to control both BPD diagnosis and drug abuse.


According to research, one of the significant conditions that co-occur with addiction and substance abuse is depression. In case you have been struggling with drug abuse and alcoholism, towards the end, you will likely show symptoms and signs of mental health disorders. 

This is because addiction and drug abuse can stimulate the emotional states of hopelessness, sadness, and loneliness, among other undesirable impacts commonly attributed to depression. According to statistics and studies, approximately 33 % of persons suffering from depression are involved in drugs and substance abuse.

There are vastly skilled and qualified dual diagnosis treatment facilities existing nowadays. These facilities provide can help you begin your long-term process of recovery.

Illustrations of these incorporated rehabilitation and treatment services consist of relapse avoidance, detox, couples counseling, medication supervision, personal therapy, group therapy, evidence-based therapies, aftercare planning, family therapy, and different or complementary therapies.

Lakewood drug rehab offers these services to ensure recovery and treatment of addiction, hence eventually resume your everyday healthy life. This also helps in treating other co-occurring disorders. Due to these reasons, dual diagnosis treatment is the best choice to deal with these disorders.


The process of eliminating toxins linked to alcohol and drug abuse is referred to as detoxification or detox. This is the process through which the body carries out metabolic reactions to remove toxic substances. The process is structured to eliminate these toxins caused by drugs and alcohol from the body.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Recovery and TreatmentAlcohol and drug detox is categorized into two. The first entails supervised, assisted, and managed detox. A patient undergoes this process under the supervision of medical and mental health processes.

The second detox method is social/ clinically managed detox. This is a short term non-medical strategy. Most of the facilities that provide this program offer help in treatment like professional and peer counseling support. Other facilities just provide accommodation for the patient to clear the toxic effects of alcohol and drugs.

Detoxification stages

There are three major stages undergone in the process of detoxification. The first stage entails evaluation. The evaluation aims to gauge the existence and the amount of alcohol and drugs in the bloodstream via b testing of blood and other tests encompassing breath and urine.

The evaluation will also gauge your mental health condition and expose any other medical conditions that you may be suffering from. During this process, the medication team will make an appropriate strategy of recovery for you.

Once the evaluation is done, you will go over calming, which will consume the utmost amount of period in the process of detox. You will become adjusted to the procedure and get the medical and psychological services that would help handle your withdrawal symptoms.

When stabilization occurs, the recovery staff will create your ongoing treatment motivation on an outpatient or inpatient basis. This is because you require more than just detox to attain full recovery from addiction to substances in a Lakewood drug rehab.

Who Requires Detox?

Recovery and TreatmentThe detox process is an important stage on the path to recovery. If you have struggled with alcohol and drug abuse, you will first require to go through this procedure before you can defeat your increasing drug addiction, dependence, and tolerance.

Dependence can be defined as the condition in which the body cannot function normally without the regular induction of drugs and substances. A person in this state experiences adverse effects if they stop taking drugs or alcohol without proper medication.

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