Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers in Lakewood, Colorado

Alcohol treatment LakewoodLakewood is home to numerous people fighting with various substances, with prescription opioids sitting solidly at the top of that list. Addiction drugs often lead to various health problems and even death, and it is recommended that those struggling with substance abuse seek help from an addiction treatment provider

Lakewood, Colorado, is situated less than 10 miles from Denver and is full of life and family. Despite the beauty surrounding Lakewood’s location, the city faces its own set of difficulties when it comes to substance abuse. In 2016, one of its counties had the fourth-highest fatal overdose rate in the state of Colorado

Customized Treatment Plans in Lakewood Drug Rehab

  1. The Right Program: A comprehensive interview and assessment process with a medical professional. Look for an organization that examines physical and psychological health, as well as qualifications for your loved one’s specific needs. Ensure the organization you’re considering has qualified experience with the setbacks you are loved on is experiencing. If the organization isn’t ideal for your substance abuse treatment, ask if they have referrals for a more appropriate fit. 
  2. Professional Team: Look for a licensed, competent organization that focuses on a group-oriented approach, working together to support each client and their family. Find an organization that includes substance abuse counselors, individual and family therapists, psychiatrists, and dietitians. A highly qualified team taking a holistic approach to care is critical to achieving successful outcomes from substance abuse and addiction treatments.
  3. Safety: An organization that focuses on patient safety, both physical and emotional. Through the treatment process, several people will recognize that abstinence from all substances is the ideal choice for them. Through this journey, it is vital to support participants in staying safe and minimizing harm. Identify a support system you trust to help your substance overdose and addiction treatment.Drug and alcohol center Lakewood
  4. Mental Health and Trauma Training: drug addiction typically co-occur with mental health or trauma experience. A treatment program must have the capability to treat substance abuse and underlying mental health issues and trauma. A program would have a psychiatrist on staff and staff trained in trauma-informed care. A sound support system believes recovery and healing are two sides of the same coin, and both are necessary for long-lasting success.
  5. An Individualized Program: an organization that tailors the experience to the persons and their unique needs. Find a treatment program that sees you or your loved one as a person and creates a support program based on what is needed. Actual change from substance abuse and addiction treatment comes from authentic connection and genuine investment. 
  6. Strengths-Based: An approach that focuses on what is working and nurtures those activities, patterns, and behaviors to encourage health and vibrancy.
  7. Evidence-Based Care: an organization that relies on research and time-tested practices for the most suitable possible outcome. Research or question about the therapy methods they use besides treatment. 
  8. Family Oriented: Any considerable life challenge always affects and is impacted by the surrounding system. Find an organization that supports and encompasses the family. No one experiences the road to recovery alone. 

Finding Lakewood alcohol rehab

As you begin identifying for yourself or a loved one for the best treatment program, there are several factors to remember. You don’t require to travel out of state to access high-quality treatment as there are excellent local options in Colorado. Determining what level of Care is suitable can be too overwhelming. Talking to a knowledgeable treatment and mental health professional can help assess your needs and guide you to resources that would be best for you:

Medically Assisted Detox Lakewood Treatment Center

90210 recovery Center offers a  program that includes high-level medical supervision and treatment as clients complete a safe detox from drugs and alcohol. Clients are invited to participate in comprehensive clinical programming that addresses triggers, coping skills, mental health conditions, and relapse prevention. 

Day Treatment

Our broad day treatment program is a highly structured care level that offers a full 35 hours of weekly programming for young adults ages 18-30 and teens ages 13-17. Through various therapeutic methods, they can stabilize, understand their addiction and mental health challenges, and heal from them. We aim to help teens and young adults become more like the person they want to be, without using substances to get there.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Drug rehab center LakewoodThe goal of our holistic IOP program is to help teens ages 13-17 and young adults ages 18-30 address substance use and addiction along with any underlying co-appearing mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. The treatment takes place after school and after work for our clients. This program also focuses on developing good academic, social, and vocational habits and incorporates family therapy into the program. Our Virtual IOP program is similar to our in-person IOP and ideal for those who are too far from a center, have transportation, or health struggles that make in-person treatment difficult.  

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