Substance Abuse  in Jersey City, New Jersey

 Drug Treatment center Jersey CityJersey City is among the fastest-growing urban areas in New Jersey, with a population of over 200 000 and is second-most populous in the state. Jersey City doubles as the county seat of Hudson County and is currently experiencing an addiction nightmare that is comparably worse than most district cities. Numerous ongoing admissions to Drug Treatment center Jersey City are just one of the markers of the alarming trend.

Over ten years, the town has been harshly impacted by the opioid epidemic that has spread across the U.S.A. Drug overdose, mainly due to opioids, is one of the leading causes of death in both Jersey City and the state. In 2016, Jersey City admitted more than 40% of all substance abuse treatment admissions in the whole county. Most of those requiring treatment that year listed heroin as their primary drug of abuse. 

Opioid Addiction and Treatment in Jersey City Drug Treatment Centers

The whole state of New Jersey is in the midst of an opioid nightmare, and the devastating effects have not spared Jersey City. Among the 565 towns in New Jersey, Jersey City is allegedly in the top 7% for heroin and prescription opioid abuse. Data from the County Health Rankings in New Jersey indicate 187 opioid-linked overdose deaths occurred in Hudson County alone in 2016. Moreover, the New Jersey Department of Human Services reports that the number of persons seeking a drug and alcohol center in Jersey City for heroin and prescription opioid use in Hudson County has been steadily increasing since 2014, with no sign of slowing down any time soon.

In Jersey City alone, 765 people, about 37% of all Jersey City alcohol rehab treatment admissions in the city, reported heroin as their chief drug of choice. In comparison, another 46 people or 2% reported “other opiates” as their common drug abuse. Statistics from the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office shows that from January of 2018 to January of 2019, only 53,127 opioid prescriptions were dispensed in Hudson County, which has been decreasing since the year 2016. 

Jersey City drug rehabNevertheless, drug-linked deaths continue to increase in Jersey City. This point indicates that while prescription opioid abuse may be slowing, and the even deadlier opioid drug is taking its place – fentanyl.

The paradox of a rising opioid death rate with a falling prescription rate is due primarily to heroin and fentanyl. This shows that more users need drug and Alcohol treatment in Jersey City

Heroin remains the topmost drug of choice amongst those seeking addiction treatment in Jersey City, but the prevalence of fentanyl is a recent and growing development. Fentanyl is a powerful illicit drug that is 100 times stronger than morphine, making the risk of overdose much higher than with other opiates. It is not unusual for an individual to use fentanyl simultaneously with heroin and crack cocaine, as these substances are often laced with the drug. Of the nearly 150 people who died of drug overdoses in Hudson County in 2017, fentanyl was involved 69 times – that’s a 102% increase from the year before. Heroin was the culprit in 84 of the overdose deaths, which is 9% from 2016.

In response to this disturbing trend, Hudson County officials are trying to curb substance abuse by organizing several drug take-back events all over the city and educational training sessions on how to change the overdose reversal drug Naloxone. The utilization of Naloxone has shown to be a reliable tool in fighting the opioid crisis in Jersey City. Last year, it was used 683 times in Hudson County – a 238% increase from 2017 when it was deployed 202 times. Moreover, the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey is working to raise awareness in the community and educate teens and tweens on the dangers of opioid drugs.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Jersey City

Jersey City is a noticeable hub for illicit substance trafficking, as transportation means are ideal for smuggling drugs into the area. As a part of the larger New York metropolitan area, Jersey City is bordered on the east by the Hudson River and Upper New York Bay and west by the Hackensack River and Newark Bay.  

The city shares substantial mass transit connections with Manhattan and is an important transportation terminus and connection center for the Port of New Jersey and New York. With numerous busy seaports, an international airport close by, and miles of highways, Jersey City has become a strategic element in drug trafficking activities all over New Jersey. 

The city’s properly-developed transportation infrastructure is ideal for the transportation of illicit drugs and drug moves to and out of the region. Ton-worthy drugs are moved to Jersey City from drug source and transit countries such as Columbia, Canada, Mexico, and the Dominican republic.

Drug and alcohol center Jersey CityColumbian Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) have earned the reputation of being the principal source of illicit drugs in the state of New Jersey. 

Drug cargo arriving in the region is usually divided into smaller quantities for local distribution within the state and then transported to other areas outside the state. Traffickers naturally transport drugs provided to Upstate New York along I-87 and I-90. Illicit drugs are also transported overland to the West Coast, Southwest Border states, and Canada. Newark Liberty International Airport offers numerous flights daily to and from the region, and drug traffickers often exploit them to facilitate drug transportation. The Port of New Jersey/New York in Jersey City is the largest container port complex on the East Coast of North America and provides maritime smuggling opportunities.

The New Jersey state police initiated “Operation Shield” to increase responsiveness and patrol of transportation systems. Additionally, Hudson County officials have assembled a task force that continually works with various local, state, and national organizations to reduce trafficking, including the DEA, U.S. Marshals, FBI, and even the U.S. postal service. 

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