Alcohol and drug rehab in Hillsborough In the 2005-2010 survey by the National Survey of Drug Use and Health, the metro region in Hillsborough was assessed for drug addiction prevalence by people aged 12 and over. Results of the survey found that for that period showed that;

  • 5% smoked cigarettes 
  • 6 percent used narcotic painkillers for purposes other than medical
  • 1% abused marijuana 
  • 9% had abused an illegal drug
  • 8% have a diagnosable condition of drug use 
  • At least once in the past month, 2 percent registered drunken binge 

The number of opioid deaths involving prescription medications of any sort rose by 18 percent between 2014 and 2015. The prescribed medication in 2014 caused 304 deaths, which jumped to 360 in 2015. 

In both years, nearly one-third of all deaths appear accidental. In Hillsborough, 326,000 people aged 12 and older abused at least one illegal drug, in one year before the study, according to the NSDUH Metro Brief for this region. 

Marijuana was the most commonly used substance, with 10% of those reported drug misuse; prescription drug abuse accounted for 4.6% of illegal drug abuse. 188,000 people were listed as having opioid use disorder by those who used illegal drugs.

Alcohol and Cigarettes  Abuse in Hillsborough, FL

Around 24.5 percent of Hillsborough’s population aged 12 and over smoked cigarettes and those who ever had an episode of binge drinking accounted for 23.2 percent. Estimates from 2016 indicate that Hillsborough County accounted for 33.4% of alcohol-related causal deaths; 19.8% of Florida’s drinking problems and 16 % of adults smoked Cigarettes. 

In 2011, the Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Coalition (HCADA) ranked the county to be the number one in alcoholic deaths in Florida. Though DUI arrests dropped that year, Hillsborough still had more than anyone else in the state. 

While rates started to decrease in 2009, Hillsborough County still had higher rates of smoking and drinking problems than in the rest of the state.

 In 2010; 

  • 3% of adults had more than one alcoholic beverage within 30 days of the survey 
  • 6% of heavy drinkers were reported 
  • 5% saw at least one moment of binge drinking 
  • Active smokers were at 3% 

The Price of Not Getting Help for Alcohol Addiction

When considering the cost of a rehabilitation program for your child or your loved one, imagine the cost or effects of “life as they are today.” What will happen if the substance abusers or addiction continue? Contact 90210 Recovery, and we’ll help you or your loved one get the care they need to avoid the dangerous, progressive consequences of addiction.

Mental Health, AlcoholAbuse Among Top Concerns in Hillsborough County

Alcohol rehab centers can help you recover from addiction safelyThe main problems for residents in Hillsborough County, Florida include substance addiction, alcohol abuse, and mental health issues. Despite these issues, access to health services remains a matter of concern. 

According to the State of Mental Health in America 2018 study commissioned by Mental Health America, almost 62% of individuals in Florida with mental disorders did not undergo care, compared to just 55.8% across the country. 

Florida’s per capita mental health funding ranked last in the United States in 2014. Furthermore, in 2016, suicide was the second-highest cause of mortality for Floridians aged 25 to 34. 

Florida also ranked twentieth in the country in the number of people addicted to alcohol or illegal drugs.

Mental Health and Alcohol Abuse Treatment

A 2014 National Opioid Use and Wellness Survey showed that 7.9 million individuals in the United States had both substance use disorder and psychiatric disorder at the same time. If someone is dealing with both a mental health problem and drug misuse, it may be referred to as a concurrent illness or a co-occurring disorder. 

Any of these diseases will occur first. Unfortunately, substances can exacerbate the symptoms of a mental health condition. Support in the form of dual diagnosis treatment services is available to those struggling with combined mental health and substance abuse recovery. 

In comparison, family involvement will relieve some of the isolation fears that arise when an individual is accessing mental health and drug use treatment. 

Beating Alcohol Addiction at 90210 Recovery

Treatment services may not be available in Florida and you may need to travel to 90210 Recovery in Beverly Hills, California. This is the best choice for the well-being of you or your loved ones. We offer extensive, customized dual diagnostic care. Our services are evidence-based, and we still work with recovery strategies with compassion and empathy. Get in touch with 90210 Recovery today to hear more about rehab care choices.

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