rehab facilities in Hemel HempsteadIf you are in Hemel Hempstead and  looking for a drug and alcohol rehab, travelling to 90210 Recovery center in Beverly Hills, California would be the best choice for you  as it  offers world-class drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Our clinics or facilities have one thing in common which is that they are beautifully decorated, comfortable, welcoming, and provide the highest standards of care.

The 90210 Recovery works with people suffering with a variety of substance abuse issues, offering a discreet, supportive environment. We have great teams of therapists and specialists to support and encourage you throughout the process so that you can achieve sobriety.

 Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hemel Hempstead 

There are various reasons to choose the 90210 Recovery when you are considering undergoing rehab for drug and/or alcohol addictions:

  • You will get detox and rehabilitation in a homely, comfortable environment with 24/7 support
  • The highest levels of discretion and privacy, plenty of confidentiality with single occupancy rooms
  • Our facility location is easily accessible from Hemel Hempstead, including a canter in Watford, just a short drive away
  • Addiction treatment programs that are custom-made for you and a clear step pathway to guide you towards sobriety
  • Both traditional therapy and integrative and holistic approaches, helping you not only overcome but staying away from harmful substances in the long term
  • Therapy as an individual and with your peers, growing a sense of community.
  • Those who complete a rehab and aftercare program have an excellent chance of staying away from drugs and excessive drinking for life.

 Going Through a Rehab Program

Hemel Hempstead addiction treatment programsIt is natural to wonder what your program will be like when looking for rehab facilities. When you first arrive at one of our facilities, you are taken through a full assessment of your mental and physical health by trained counselors. These are professionals with years of supported living experience, allowing them to put together an effective addiction treatment program just for you.

The first step is usually to go through a detox. Typically, it is a way of ridding your body of harmful substances. The advantage of residential detox is that you can take prescription medication that can help with the worst of the side effects. Although not an easy process, we offer supported recovery, giving you the best possible opportunity of completing your detox.

During your therapy, we will talk about the causes of your drug or alcohol addiction, allowing you to identify the triggers that can give you the confidence required to enable a successful recovery. In addition to world-class individual therapy, we provide group therapy that can help you nurture a supportive peer network, which can help you out in the long term.

Although you stay with us at any of our facilities, you will also undergo holistic therapy and workshops that give you skills and confidence once you leave rehab. We want you to reintegrate into the community, living your life again, and starting to heal the damage triggered by your addiction. 

 Life After Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Once you complete your program, you will feel a great sense of pride; however, it is normal to feel nervous about going back to everyday life. Throughout your addiction treatment program of therapeutic interventions, you will be taught how to overcome cravings for drugs and alcohol and what to do if you are tempted to relapse. At the 90210 Recovery, we want you to develop the skills to control your emotions and channel your energy into positive things.

Those who finish a program in 90210 Recovery will get a year of free aftercare. That makes it excellent value for money when you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Hemel Hempstead. Our experts can also put you in touch with local groups like Alcoholics Anonymous that can help you build an excellent support network to help you stay sober.

 Choosing A Rehab in Hempstead

 Hemel Hempstead alcohol treatment centersThere are various options for those looking for drug and alcohol rehab around Hemel Hempstead. You may want to stay in Cassiobury Court, set in a leafy suburb of Watford, or go afield for treatment so that you can get some distance and focus on yourself.

We frequently recommend that people undergo rehab away from their neighborhood, as it is harder to relapse. However, we understand that there are some situations where people need to stay close to home, such as family commitments.

If you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab that would help you get through your addiction and would like advice and support, call the team at 90210 Recovery. We will be happy to walk with you through your recovery journey. 

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