Substance abuse disorders are quickly becoming a cliché in just about any health clinic. This menace is not selective: It is impervious and can affect everyone across the demographic, depending on your circumstances. And to put more context, almost 9 million people in the U.S.A suffer from mental health disorders.

Choosing the Right Treatment Plan

Drug treatment centres in HartfordPatients considering treatment should look into the following factors when choosing a drug rehab center in Hartford: 

  • The duration of stay in the facility.
  • Do they provide an Aftercare program?
  • Are they providing medical detox in their treatment? 

At 90210 Recovery Center, we have done this long enough, and we understand this can be an overwhelming exercise for patients. So, we provide you with more guidelines below. For patients finding it had to establish a treatment plan, don’t hesitate to call our admission unit;

  • Inpatient/Outpatient Rehab
  • Rehab duration, whether short (30 days) or long term -three months and beyond.
  • A 12-step program for alcoholism recovery
  • Wholesome or experiential programs
  • Whether they have Medical detox on-site or referred
  • Dual Diagnosis treatment
  • Gender-specific or gender-separate treatment
  • Rehab facility general atmosphere

Need for a Medical Detox program

This program comes first when treating severe addiction. Detox treatment comes with severe physical and mental withdrawal symptoms, and doctors may need to assess whether or not you need curative medication, which depends on the following key factors;

  • Substance type (alcohol, meth, heroin, etc.)
  • Time duration since last use
  • Quantity of substance used
  • Presence of co-occurring disorder (dual-diagnosis)
  • Medication history
  • Our facilities in Hartford, CT, provide medical detox
  • Science-based therapies in Connecticut

Drug Rehabs in HartfordApproaches to treatment and specific therapies rehab clinics use to help patients may vary. Our facilities in the treatment center use individual and group sessions to help you. The types of therapy offered in our drug addiction treatment program include:

  • Trauma therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Clinical 12-step psychotherapy for alcoholics 

Other programs include Inpatient/Residential treatment, Outpatient programs, and Aftercare programs.

Hartford Inpatient Drug Rehab program

Also known as Residential treatment, this program happens immediately after detoxification. Inpatient drug rehab is ideal for patients with a long history of dependency or severe addiction. In this type of treatment plan, patients have access to physicians’ services at any time of the day, providing them with any medical attention that may be required. 

Outpatient Programs For Hartford Residents

One of this program’s most outstanding features is its flexibility, ideal for patients who display mild substance dependence issues. You will still have professionals around, but it provides a more wholesome experience: Patients undergoing outpatient drug rehab can receive medical assistance and structured therapy sessions while still handling their daily obligations. It enables the patient to prove to themselves that they are capable of overcoming their impairments. Under this program, patients will be required to travel for every session. 

Before choosing a treatment plan, you must carry out a proper and honest assessment of your condition to understand your specific treatment needs. Overall, this program should work when patients have meaningful support from loved ones at home.

Aftercare programs

This program is a follow-up activity to ensure they don’t relapse after the rehab process. It comes alongside alumni service programs and continues with previous efforts. Aftercare services include peer counseling, scenario manager’s advice, skills training, and mindset conditioning.

Getting Affordable Care in Hartford

Drug treatment programmes in HartfordUnderstanding the costs associated with rehab can assist you in deciding on a location. Depending on charging rates, you may also want to integrate insurance cover in the costing plan. 

Ordinarily, you can expect more intensive health options, like medical detox, to cost a little higher than professional counseling, for example. Rehab centers that provide more recreational amenities, like swimming pools and an in-house catering department, also tend to be expensive. However, the cost must never get in your way of finding care. 

Why 90210 Recovery?

If you are struggling with an addiction and want to change your life, you should consider our alcohol rehab programs. Our successful treatments, reliable team, and continuing support here at 90210 Recovery will help you overcome your drug addiction. 

You’ll go back home to Hartford changed for the better. Reach out to our team to find out how we can transform your life and offer a home away from home during your rehab treatment. Contact us on: (844)462-8571.

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