Hackensack addiction recovery facilitiesWithout a doubt, substance abuse and addiction vastly control lives and not only puts individuals’ health at risk but also rob families of stable, meaningful relationships, enjoyable activities, and productive lives. The best way to help addicts and families is to convince the patient to get help in a drug rehab program. 

 Addiction treatment offers around-the-clock support and supervision. Therefore, the person in recovery can live free from the temptations and triggers to use while recovering. 

For residents of Hackensack, an ideal treatment program that will offer medically supervised detox services is available if they travel to Beverly Hills to get treatment from 90210 Recovery. We apply clinically proven therapy and counseling approaches and offer life skills training to addicts to help them overcome addiction easily and comfortably. They also offer exemplary ongoing support as the individual works to put his or her life back together.

When is it the Right Time to Get Addiction Treatment?

No patient starts using alcohol or drugs with the intention of getting addicted. However, addiction has become a struggle for most people across the globe. Initially, people heading down the path to substance addiction can be unaware of their substance use habits. 

Typically, those who are a little entrenched to addiction find it hard to stop using their substances of choice because of emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms. Beyond this point, people who struggle with drug abuse often feel like it is impossible to stop the substance usage. It is true to say that some often feel hopeless. Notably, the good news is that there is hope and help for patients at each stage of addiction at the 90210 Recovery.

Getting Help for Addiction Treatment in Hackensack 

Some addiction patients are not sure if they have a problem while others may not be sure of the extent or severity of substance abuse. From our experience, if you call us at the 90210 recovery, there is sufficient evidence of a problem that the next steps should be taken. It is prudent not to wait as the alcohol use hardly improves on its own.

When a patient gets in touch with us at 90210 Recovery, we do an initial phone screening. That may take about five minutes, and it determines extensively if you or your loved one is a suitable candidate for the 90210 Recovery residential alcohol rehab program.

Detox facilities in HackensackAfter determining your eligibility, we will do a pre-assessment with a licensed addiction professional that will be more in-depth and is intended to help determine the appropriate level of care. 

The assessment can also establish whether detox or mental health help is needed and forms the foundation of your treatment plan. 

After this is reviewed, you will then receive an intake date. Usually, a full range of care is the best option if the person has been taking alcohol for a long period. A full continuum of care provides multiple treatment intensity levels and keeps the patient engaged in treatment as long as possible. 

For alcohol use disorder, common addiction treatment options offered by Hackensack drug rehab centers may include:

Alcohol detox

A person who abuses alcohol with high frequency and amount will require detox in a medical or rehab facility. This usually takes several days, even though the length is determined by medical need. In the case of the inpatient treatment program, we will take the patient bed to bed once the detox process is complete. 

Residential Alcohol Rehab

In this level of care, guests will have several weeks of intensive daily programs. This residential program entails one on one counseling, group counseling, therapeutic adjuncts to treatment, and weekly treatment team sessions to evaluate progress. Notably, patients stay at a treatment facility 24 hours a day with clinical supervision. Addiction patients are provided with meals, recreation, and exercise opportunities as part of their treatment episodes.


Most high-quality rehab centers for residents of Hackensack include 90210 Recovery offer aftercare services. After completing the residential treatment program, most addiction patients benefit from having access to continued support. The 90210 Recovery centers provide a weekly aftercare group to serve this need. This extended period extends for about 52 weeks and increases the chances of long-term addiction recovery. 

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Our complete outpatient and inpatient services are focused on the restoration of health and ultimate patient well-being. At 90210 Recovery, a comprehensive variety of care programs integrates emotional and medical recovery and traditional approaches to addiction treatment based on highly personalized treatment planning.

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