Residential addiction treatment centersDrug rehab or drug rehabilitation refers to various programs that have been purposely developed for drug abuse treatment. These facilities assist individuals who have severe psychological and chemical dependence on substances like prescription drugs and street drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. At 90210 Recovery Center, we can help you overcome addiction and become the best versions of yourself. 

Through these services, drug addiction rehab facilities in Shelton strive to help people recover from the massive damage caused by drug addiction – both the psychological and physical conditions of an individual drug user and also their mental and emotional state.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Intervention in Shelton

For a number of drug addicts, the thought of going to a rehab center in Shelton is not welcome. This is majorly due to the social humiliation involved with drug abuse treatment and also because of the withdrawal symptoms experienced when someone quits using their substance of choice.

Drug intervention in Shelton might be needed to make sure that addicts get to drug rehab centers more so if they are not willing to acknowledge that they have a problem with addiction if they are not aware of their behavioral change or have been incorporating defensive mechanisms to convince themselves that they need these substances.

Drug Detox Programs Available in Shelton

A drug detoxification program is specifically designed to lessen the effects of withdrawal symptoms and also to avoid medical emergencies during detox.

Since withdrawal is among the most challenging stages of recovery for the majority of patients, these programs can be quite useful. The majority of detox programs will basically include medication and medical support.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

This is a treatment program whereby the patients live on-site, this means that they reside at the treatment center during their recovery process. This is the most inclusive drug abuse addiction treatment program available, necessitating you to completely dedicate your entire time to recovery.

The majority of these addiction treatment centers offer a home-like environment with the objective of making you feel comfortable and relaxed during the whole process. Since these programs are so rigorous, they boast high success rates compared to other types of treatment.

Outpatient Treatment Program

Drug abuse and addictionIf inpatient treatment programs are not for you, or if you have already done and completed a residential program, you may find outpatient therapy beneficial.

Treatment programs offered in outpatient care are much more flexible meaning you can visit the treatment facility only when it’s your session, otherwise, you can continue with your daily routine provided you avoid the substance you are looking to get rid of.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

When an individual enrolls in a partial hospitalization program, he/she is taken through a drug detoxification process then participates in a therapy session during the day. Clients are usually in the care of medical personnel which is essential during the withdrawal process as it can be uncomfortable. 

Individual and therapy sessions are arranged to be conducted during the day but clients may choose to be going back home each evening. This treatment option is also suitable for individuals who have successfully completed inpatient rehab but may require flexibility in their living state.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

These programs abbreviated as (MAT) utilize medication to assist patients to conquer an addiction to various drugs and also alcohol. The medication reduces cravings rendering it easy to remain sober and concentrate on recovery.

MAT programs make use of medication combined with other kinds of treatment, including a 12-step support system and behavioral therapy.

Aftercare And Alumni Services, Shelton

Even after successfully completing drug addiction treatment, your fight against substance abuse is not done. As you go back to your daily life, you will encounter triggers that will make you want to relapse.

Research has indicated that those who attended aftercare and alumni services after completing rehab had a way better long-term success rate. This means that you should choose a rehab program that provides this service to graduates.

Duration Of Addiction Treatment

A one-size-fits-all approach does not apply when it comes to drug addiction treatment duration. Some programs may go for 30 days while other programs might last for 90 days, a year, or even longer. Generally, your rate of recovery will be better if you choose a long-term treatment program.

Payment For Rehab Treatment

Rehab facilitiesThere was a time when paying for addiction treatment was quite a challenge thus many lives ended up destroyed. Luckily, most insurance firms currently offer payment for addiction treatment. If you can’t access health insurance, in some places, there are community resources that will help cover treatment.

At 90210 Recovery we use a number of holistic, evidence-based alternatives to treat addiction. Our drug treatment program can include behavioral therapy such as contingency management and cognitive-behavioral therapy. 

Our exclusive rehab center is located in a world-class location; Beverly Hills, CA. The precise method of therapy or combination of therapies can differ based on the particular needs of the patient. Contact our compassionate and caring staff at  (844) 462-8571 and start the journey to lifelong recovery.

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