Drug Treatment Services Heroin is among the most highly addictive and extremely powerful drugs with the capability of causing grievous consequences to people that use it. It is a member of the opioid family that is characterized by causing a euphoric feeling alongside a decrease in respiration and blood pressure. Heroin addiction can be fast and pushes the user to abuse larger amounts of the drug which in turn increases the chances of an overdose.

Stopping the use of heroin brings about distressing psychological and physical symptoms that make it very difficult for a person to quit using. Without the right treatment, it becomes almost impossible to quit the use of heroin as in an attempt to ease the withdrawal symptoms, they start using again.

Are you looking to quit using and get help? You are in the right place. If you are looking to take back control of your life, come to the 90210 Recovery Center and we will make that possible for you. We provide an array of programs geared towards creating a conducive environment for your recovery and to help you achieve sobriety.

Heroin Drug Addiction Rehab Centers in Guilford Maryland

When it comes to your health and future, you need to make the right choice of rehab to treat your heroin addiction. Choosing the right drug rehab center is essential in your recovery as you will be provided the best services and programs to facilitate your healing.

When choosing a rehab center, you have the option of going for a residential facility or an outpatient facility. These treatment programs differ in many ways and there are advantages and disadvantages to both that may inform your decision for the type of treatment to choose.

Outpatient treatment programs vary a lot. Many outpatient treatment centers provide treatment plans such as medication-assisted treatment, psychiatrist care, individual therapy, group therapy, and addiction education. These treatment programs allow the client to continue to live at home as they receive treatment and are needed to commute to the treatment facility daily.

Drug Addiction Centers in GuilfordIt is centered around the patient’s schedule as they continue to work, go to school, and take care of other responsibilities at home. Residential treatment programs on the other hand provide accommodation and meals to the patient for the entire length of treatment. The patient lives in the facility and receives all forms of treatment while there.

This treatment option is more intense and the patient has full-time access to the medical professionals who provide care whenever needed. The recommended duration of an inpatient program is 90 days, to allow for long-term sobriety and successful outcomes.

Heroin is highly addictive, physically, and mentally and attempting to quit on your own can be highly dangerous. Residential rehabilitation provides a comfortable and safe environment for recovery and relapse prevention.

Drug Rehab in Guilford

Drug and alcohol rehab and treatment is a crucial journey towards making a complete recovery from substance addiction and abuse. After the detox and withdrawal process is complete, you are required to join an addiction therapy program that is intense and comprehensive to ensure that you achieve sobriety.

A typical treatment program will involve these services;

  • Detoxification

This is the process of removing toxins and traces of the drug from the body. This service is provided in a controlled and supervised environment to make sure that you have access to full-time medical attention and care if you need it. During this process, the body goes through withdrawal symptoms that can be dangerous and uncomfortable hence the need to have medical staff by your side during the process.

  • Inpatient Treatment

Upon completion of the medical detox, the rehab center will provide a residential treatment which is the most intensive type of treatment. This treatment is ideal for people that have struggled with addiction for a long time or on top of addiction, are dealing with co-occurring mental health disorders.

  • Outpatient Treatment

Drug Treatment programs, GuilfordThis treatment program is the best choice for people that have a supportive network of family and friends and a safe environment that is free of alcohol or drugs. It is also recommended for people that are dealing with less severe addictions.

  • Aftercare Services

Aftercare services are provided after the official treatment program is completed. They offer continued support and care to help the patient reduce the risk of relapse. The first few days after recovery are the most crucial as this is when a patient is most likely to relapse and these aftercare services aim at helping the patient focus on staying sober. They include ongoing therapy, Intensive Outpatient Programs among others

Your Recovery Partner

Choosing the right treatment program is not only the right thing to do, but it is essential for your recovery. Choose 90210 Recovery Center for our personalized treatment programs that will ensure you achieve sobriety and stay sober for years to come. You will not regret your decision. 

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