Get help for Alcohol tolerance in Greece drug rehabKETHEA is Greece’s public restoration network. After preparing its start in the early 80s, KETHEA began contributing as an assistant to Grecians troubled by dependence on alcohol, drugs, and gambling.  The program possesses over 100 units, ultimately Greece, designed for both public and prison populations. 

While rehabilitation is the game’s name, KETHEA refers to itself as a “social combination” organization. They want to help people succeed in their substance use disorders and get them back into society to participate positively.

Available Programs in Drug Rehab Athens Greece

As the most comprehensive rehab network in Greece, KETHEA is direct support in combating substance use disorders throughout the country. They not only offer assistance to individuals battling addiction, but they also offer family and associates applications to help those undergoing a loved one’s substance use disorder as well.

KETHEA’s wide range of applications makes them a compelling alternative for improvement within Greece. They present age-specific schedules for teenagers and adults, serving homeless people grappling with prisoner rehabilitation, addiction, and immigrants/refugee support programs.

Drug Dependence Prevention

Along with the reactive, rehabilitative programs, KETHEA is advanced in countering addiction through school programs. 

These actions focus on developing more sturdy relationships between educators, students, administrative staff, and parents. Informing kids about drugs didn’t seem notable, so school programs highlight the importance of education while offering creative and delightful activities to the school to cut down on the will to act outside of the school day.

We Offer Private Rehab Facilities 

Alcohol dependence Along with its available options, Greece offers a variety of individual rehabs. Very few exist in the countryside. Large cities and modern districts like Athens and Ithaca (Ithaki, Ithaka) are the most suitable rehab options. As one of the Mediterranean countries, Greece grants unique environments for people to experience restoration.

The location and nature of private rehabs provide a more pleasurable existence for individuals endeavoring to help in these settings. Private rehabs create slightly more tailored practices because smaller groups of people are being attended than public access rehab. 

They also allow for a more outstanding agency when selecting a rehab type, seeing as some private treatment centers concentrate on inpatient and residential applications. In contrast, others focus on outpatient programs and other non-residential possibilities. 

Greece’s perception as a destination country has approved luxury rehab clinics to practice in the country’s beautiful areas. These facilities usually service officials, celebrities, and sports stars who are battling dependence and require a pleasant experience as possible.

Treatment Offered At Our Greek Orthodox Drug Rehab 

Regardless of whether you choose a public or private convenience, you’ll find similar medication modalities possible. Psychological therapies are requiring treatment specialists, medical systems and medicines, and holistic methods. Depending on which specific variety of treatment center you pick, the balance of these strategies may differ significantly.

Greece and Addiction

Rehab facilitySince 2000, Greece has grappled with several types of drugs. Heroin currently stands as the most threatening drug commonly used throughout the country. During the mid-2010s, a low-cost and straightforward to produce a drug called Shisha flooded the notable cities. This crystal meth-like drug led to many treatments because of poor quality control and its highly addictive quality. This rise in popularity places Shisha as the third most prevalent drug, following heroin and cannabis.

While Greece still has to establish its addiction and recovery subjects fully, they face a much smaller issue than many EU countries. 

Compared to Italy, France, and Austria, Greece is perceived to have much lower problematic opioid use standards. While legal, alcohol perversion is common throughout the country, but still not as high as neighboring EU countries.

Find Treatment Today at Greece Drug Rehab

Finding the next steps forward when battling substance use complications can be questioning when alone. Luckily, you don’t have to do that alone. If you or someone you know is contemplating treatment, don’t hesitate to reach out today. A compassionate treatment provider is prepared to clarify any questions you have and help you figure out what comes next.

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