Garfield drug and alcohol rehab facilitySubstance use disorder causes many health and social problems, including low self-esteem, hopelessness, and estrangement from family members, anxiety, and depression. Most individuals who are addicted to drugs also tend to have many types of social and legal problems. Thankfully, there is hope for individuals who are battling all kinds of substance use disorders. 90210 Recovery has a solution to the drug addiction issues troubling Garfield Heights residents.

Drug addiction seems like an unsolvable problem to many individuals and their families. They constantly question if an affordable feasible, effective treatment truly exists. Failed attempts at recovery or relapsing after going through treatment may cause people to have doubts. 90210 Recovery offers effective treatment by implementing evidence-based and personalized treatment approaches. Before the end of your treatment, you will have all the skills and tools you need to improve your quality of life and enjoy a drug-free life.  

The treatment programs offered at 90210 Recovery include medically supervised detox, inpatient treatment, individual and group therapy, aftercare services, and family support.

Medically Monitored Drug and Alcohol Detox Program

The first step of treatment at 90210 Recovery is the medically monitored detox. The detox process takes place in an inpatient setting. This process may sometimes include medications approved by the FDA to ease pain and discomfort during withdrawal. The severity of the addiction determines the length of the detox treatment.

The 90210 Recovery detox program is suitable for patients with potentially severe withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, withdrawal from certain substances may be dangerous. Additionally, people who experience mild withdrawal symptoms are at risk of relapsing. Some people may go back to abusing substances after experiencing uncomfortable and painful withdrawal symptoms to maintain a false sense of wellness.

Withdrawal symptoms are a big reason why most people are afraid of seeking addiction treatment. However, at 90210 Recovery, you will be closely monitored by our onsite medical team to ensure that you undergo the withdrawal phase comfortably and safely. Medically monitored detoxification can help ease withdrawal symptoms and allow the patient to enter treatment without fear of the pain associated with withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Drug rehab facilities in Garfield HeightsIt is crucial for people suffering from severe drug addiction to enroll in a residential treatment program where round-the-clock support is available. The 90210 Recovery medical team’s primary goal is to uncover all health concerns that may have caused the addiction. Starting with the root cause of the co-occurring conditions, our team will ensure that they not only treat the symptoms but all the mental health disorders you may be having.

In our residential treatment facility, we provide evidence-based treatment methods such as dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Our facility is open to people from all walks of life, people from all genders and races, and people with special needs. Our group therapy sessions and peer support programs will enable you to interact with people going through the same struggles. Therapy and counseling will provide you with the inspiration you need to keep fighting and prepare you for interactions and relationships outside the facility.

Intensive treatment is suitable for patients who have been abusing multiple substances or have attempted to quit substance abuse and ended up relapsing. Our qualified addiction specialists are caring and compassionate. They will take their time to understand all your needs and tailor a treatment plan that suits your specific needs to make long-term recovery more achievable. They will also provide guidance, encouragement, and support every step of the way. 

Aftercare and Alumni Treatment Services

Recovering from addiction is not always easy, and in some instances, it may take a lifetime. The 90210 Recovery aftercare and alumni programs ensure that you continually get support in your ongoing sobriety. These programs usually include family support groups, individual and group therapies.

Length of Addiction Treatment

The length of your treatment solely depends on your specific needs. However, it is important to note that recovery is a lifelong process. Therefore, you should choose a program that uses the right treatment approaches that will help you successfully recover.

Addiction Treatment in 90210 Recovery

90210 Recovery offers a full range of treatment services from medically supervised detox to residential treatment, aftercare and alumni, and family support programs. To find the treatment that works for your needs, reach out to 90210 Recovery today.

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