Long-period drug abuse in Fremont could result in a rise in side effects, which could be comparable to the signs and symptoms of a mental health sickness like depression and unease.

This is because consuming these substances will change the chemical structure of your mind. Extended use, on the other hand, will intensify the probability that you will develop the signs of mental sickness. With time, you will soon realize that you require dual diagnosis treatment to manage all the ailments that you have been diagnosed with.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

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OCD is like substance and alcohol addiction in the sense that it could leave you feeling lonely and removed from the outside world. You might also evade social settings and the public to hide your compulsions and obsessions. This bodily isolation, solitude, and shame could well lead to drug and alcohol misuse and addiction.

At 90210 Recovery Center we recommend Integrated dual diagnosis treatment if you have been struggling with dependence and substance misuse and another co-occurring mental health syndrome – such as personality disorder, post-shock stress disorder, unease, compulsive disorder, or any other.

Through this type of treatment, you can get the assistance that you require to beat your drug and alcohol addiction as well as control any other co-occurring disorders that you might also be struggling with. It can also guide you on the path to permanent recovery so that you do not continue suffering in the future.

Drug Abuse and Addiction – Mania

Drug abuse and addiction frequently lead to the development of symptoms that are comparable to those that develop with mania. Examples of such symptoms include depersonalization, unease, prickliness, auditory hallucinations, and more.

You may also experience feelings of ecstasy that bear a resemblance to those derived from a manic episode. In case you abuse substances and alcohol while on a manic episode, these drugs might also intensify the effects that you will experience – including mental awareness, liveliness, and pleasure.

Nevertheless, this type of substance abuse is perilous because it could result in the development of dependence or cause you to suffer a drug overdose that may potentially become fatal.

Alcohol and Drug Detox

At 90210 Recovery Center, we have two major categories of drug and alcohol detoxification. The first one involves medically administered, managed, and aided detox. Through this kind of treatment, you would experience the procedure under the attention of cerebral health and the medical process.

We also have social detoxification and clinically managed detoxification. This includes a non-medical method that is undertaken in the short term. The majority of the programs would offer proactive treatment services like skilled support and peer inspiration. Others would only offer you a room in which to rid your body of the poisonous influence of substances and alcohol.

Immediately after undergoing stabilization, our team of experts would build your enthusiasm for continuing treatment on an outpatient and inpatient basis. 

Who Requires Detox?

Addiction recovery in FremontThis process is a crucial first stage on the journey to recovery. If you have been using drugs or alcohol, you will first need to go through this process before you can outgrow your growing substance addiction.

Addiction refers to the process where your body would be so used to the existence of addictive substances that it will not be in a position to function normally unless you use these substances.

We have three main steps which are involved in the detoxification process. The first rotates around assessment. The mission of assessment is to measure the existence and level of alcohol and drugs in the body through testing as well as other tests involving breath and urine.

The assessment will also weigh the state of your cerebral health as well as unearth any other medical issues that you could also be besieged with. Through this process, the treatment team will be in a position to create a suitable recovery plan for you.

After the assessment, you will undergo stabilization, which will use the utmost amount of time in the detox process. You will be familiarized with the process and also receive the mental and medical services that would be valuable in treating your withdrawal symptoms.

Why 90210 Recovery Center?

Are you undergoing addiction and wonder where to begin? perry no more since 90210 Recovery Center is here for you. Call us today to begin the journey towards recovery. 

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