Drug rehab in Fairfield

Fairfield is a town situated in the southwest part of Connecticut. It has a stunning shoreline along the Long Island Sound, together with a variety of other attractions. 

Though alcohol and drug abuse seem like challenges that are only experienced by a huge city, smaller towns like Fairfield have not been left untouched. 

In fact, the level of alcohol consumption and abuse is higher compared to that of the national average in southwestern Connecticut. 

The level of alcohol addiction and abuse in the US among youth is 7.69 percent. In Connecticut, the rate increases to 9.25 percent.

Fairfield has not been left untouched by the opioid crisis affecting the country. Despite authority measures to reduce the number of deaths and overdose, the figures are still rising. This may appear impossible, but it isn’t. 

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, we provide help at 90210 Recovery. There are many treatment centers and resources available to you when you’re ready to take the initial step.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers, and Substance Abuse Facilities in Fairfield, Connecticut 

There exist many fallacies surrounding drug abuse and addiction. The fact is that substance abuse and alcoholism touches persons from all societies and backgrounds. 

Despite the local governments passing laws attempting to control the drug crisis in Connecticut, deaths related to overdose are still increasing. It’s vital to realize that you are not alone in your pursuit of sobriety. Support is accessible at any of our 90210 Recovery centers.

Drug abuse and dependence have risen in Fairfield and throughout the entire country in the past years. Societies have witnessed a steady increase in the number of deaths related to opioids in Connecticut. However, opioids aren’t the only drugs affecting people in the area. 

The level of alcohol abuse and addiction is higher in Fairfield and adjacent communities than the national average. Help is offered at our Fairfield Drug Rehab for individuals looking to fight their dependence and regain their lives. 

A variety of treatment plans are available to ease your ability to incorporate a program into your life. In case you’re seeking a drug rehab or alcohol center, contemplate the following types of programs and pick the one that meets your desires.

Inpatient Treatment Programs in Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab 

Partial hospitalization programAn inpatient treatment program is also referred to as a residential care facility. Such programs are perfect for persons who need 24/7 care from professionals or those who want to run from triggers in their present setting. 

Individuals can concentrate on recovery by eradicating all the temptations from their everyday lives and joining an inpatient Fairfield drug center. 

In the program, the medical staff manages care during withdrawal and detox. Afterward, patients can get continuous medical care coupled with counseling — independently or in a group— to acquire coping habits and skills that can help them whenever they’re prepared to go back to their normal lives outside of the rehab. These programs can go for days, weeks, or even months, liable on the patient’s state and needs.

Outpatient Treatment Plans for Alcohol Rehabilitation

Such programs often involve meeting for a few hours a day, so persons can easily align their treatment plans to fit their routines. Other patients enroll in outpatient programs as a means to proceed with care and treatment after finishing a partial hospitalization program or residential treatment.

Outpatient drug rehabilitation is suitable for persons with a strong support structure back home. Those who can’t take leave from school or work or who ought to care for the family back home can receive the assistance and care they require with this program. 

To have a successful recovery, it’s important to study the treatment plans present to you. There is no one good approach to alcohol and drug treatment. Choose a plan or a combination of plans and work with an expert on a good treatment plan. 

Inpatient Programs and Partial Hospitalization at Fairfield

Fairfield substance rehab centerPartial hospitalization programs are also known as day treatment programs. Persons receive the same treatment as they would in an inpatient program; however, they don’t live at the center a whole day. 

Rather, they spend a total of eight hours in a  day receiving care from psychiatrists, therapists, and doctors and then they go to group sessions and meetings later on in the day. These programs provide more flexibility for persons who can’t be away for long periods due to responsibilities at school, work, and home.

Get Started Today

Accepting that you have a problem with substance abuse and addiction is the initial — and usually the toughest — step in the recovery process. Once you’ve acknowledged this, you can begin scouting for treatment plans that will free you from your addiction to alcohol or drugs. Reach out to us at 90210 Recovery today for more information at Fairfield Drug and Alcohol Rehab.

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