addiction treatment in Erie, PAIf you or a loved one is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, you need to invest in the health and future of the loved one. Besides, at Erie substance abuse rehabilitation center, we ensure you are making the best decision for your life. 

While the smartest option may still be talking to our hotline experts so they can discuss your unique individual requirements, seeing how others have reviewed or rated the Erie alcohol rehab is another good way to get started. 

Addiction Treatment Programs During Drug Rehabilitation

Addiction treatment programs typically last as long as you need them and are based on your unique situation. 

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment follows a variety of care programs, which includes alumni and aftercare services, and may start with a detox program.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs in Our Drug Rehab Center

You may have to participate in an alcohol or drug detox program before commencing treatment. Detox programs offer you a supportive and safe environment for withdrawal to assist you in better manage uncomfortable and painful symptoms. 

These programs normally offer medical supervision and monitoring, and some also offer medication when necessary.

Residential Treatment Programs at Our Drug Rehab Center in Erie PA

Drug addiction treatment centers in ErieResidential treatment is one in which the individual is admitted into an inpatient drug rehab center in Erie, PA, where they will typically spend around thirty days or more undergoing substance addiction treatment. 

This treatment will often consist of a blend of medical nursing, recovery lectures, addiction education, and counseling sessions. The patients in treatment will reside in a residence wing or dormitory at the Erie drug rehab center. 

Inpatient drug rehab in Erie, PA, is best for people with a long history of substance use or those necessitating a hands-on approach to treatment and recovery. Residential recovery may follow medical detoxification, depending on the type of substance the individual has been using. Options for residential addiction treatment are available in Erie, PA, and surrounding areas.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Programs

If you have great support at home and are suffering from mild substance addiction, outpatient rehab care is a solid choice. During an Erie outpatient rehab program, you’ll continue living at home and only visiting the rehab facility for group and individual therapy sessions several times per week. 

Outpatient rehab programs vary and may include intensive services, standard care, or partial hospitalization.

Partial Hospitalization Programs in Alcohol and Drug Rehab Erie

Partial hospitalization treatment program, also referred to as PHP, involves the individual living outside of the facility at home or in another secure facility while visiting the Erie drug rehab facility daily. Often, this program serves as a next step after completing a residential rehab program. 

Partial hospitalization can also serve as a great option for people looking for a less intensive program. This can include those with shorter spans of using or less serious substance abuse problems. You can easily find partial hospitalization programs in and around Erie, PA.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a great option for treating opioid or alcohol use disorders. MAT combines medication, such as Vivitrol and Suboxone, with cognitive behavioral therapy sessions. By reducing dependence and cravings and frequently attending therapy, MAT supports recovery from opioid and alcohol addiction. 

How to Choose the Best Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab 

If you’ve decided on the amenities you’ll require, you should be able to locate Erie residential abuse treatment programs that will fit just about any of your requirements. 

From executive luxury treatment for businesspeople to celebrity recovery programs, Erie offers many choices, both budget-conscious and top tier.

How Long Should Erie Drug and Alcohol Rehab Take?

Depending on the substance, the intensity of addiction, and abuse length, you or a loved one may require anything from a 1-month inpatient alcohol and drug treatment program all the way up to a longer-term one. Certain drug addictions can be treated with out-patient services, while severe addiction cases may necessitate longer-term treatment programs. However, you can find an Erie treatment facility that fits just about any personal budget.

How Much Does a Rehab Treatment Center Cost and Is Insurance Accepted?

In estimating the cost of addiction treatment in Erie, PA, you first have to look at the amenities the rehab facility delivers and its locale compared to your unique preferences. The cost varies considerably for rehab facilities. 

Some will take private insurance, so either check with your insurance provider to see if the costs are partially paid for through your HMO or PPO or dial our helpline at no charge for a discreet insurance check.

Get Help and Change Your Life for Good at a Drug Rehab Near Me

 Drug rehab in Erie, PAYou can seek help in drug rehab in Erie, PA, but seeking traveling to our inpatient facility in Beverly, California can be more beneficial. 

We offer a continuum of drug rehab programs including medical detox, inpatients programs, outpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs, Partial Hospitalization Programs. 

We also offer aftercare services through our sober living and alumni programs. Our drug and alcohol rehab is located in Hollywood, Florida. We admit patients struggling with drug and alcohol addiction from across the United States. Contact us today and start your recovery journey, or get your free insurance quote today.

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