Substance Abuse and Statistics in Elyria

One of the largest suburban cities in Ohio is Elyria. The city is located about 23 miles from Cleveland, and it is part of Lorain County. Only below 55,000 residents with a 37.7 median age live in Elyria. Their median household earning is approximately 41,000 US dollars. For decades, Elyria has been a middle-class city containing family primarily. The city has an overall property worth of 94,800 US dollars, the rate of ownership of homes is 58.3 %, signifying one of the bottom rates in Cleveland’s major suburbs.

Substance and Drugs Abuse/MisuseAny resident of Elyria has a chance of 1 in 40 being a violent or property crime victim, according to the data released by the FBI. Elyria is one of the most unsafe cities in the United States.

When equated to the other parts of Ohio State, the Elyria crime rate is 81% higher than other towns and cities. Drug and substance abuse can be attributed to one of the major causes of high crime rates. Alcohol and substance abuse corrupts the way someone thinks and reasons compared to their normal states. The abusers become paranoid and can be irritated quickly hence leading to outbursts of violence. 

Additional to violent effects, drugs, and substance abuse also contributes to high chances of committing theft to sustain their drug use habits. Addicts spend their entire incomes in only a few days. Alcohol and drug addicts tend to turn to crime to finance their choice of drugs to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Tolerance to the drugs increases with the period one has been using the drug. Eventually, this leads to the addict taking many high doses to achieve their intended effect.

Statistics of Overdose

Anybody suffering from drugs and substance abuse such as alcohol addiction should seek help from an Elyria alcohol rehab. It is challenging for an addict to heal from addiction conditions without appropriate treatment. Facilities of treatment in Ohio are established to ensure that people that struggle with addictive drugs and substances reform and start new lives free from drugs.

Elyria currently requires more rehab centers than it has done before due to increased substance abuse in the city. The whole state of Ohio has significantly been affected by opiate addiction and abuse, one of the worst crises of Buckeye’s drugs.

75% of the 5,000 overdose fatalities reported in Ohio were associated with opiate abuse. This opioid crisis is factual, and it is happening right in our backyard. Heroin and prescription painkillers are the major opiates that are commonly abused; however, a new potent and synthetic opiate have become a significant problem.

The substance is referred to as fentanyl and it is 100 times more potent than uncontaminated heroin. Only a few dosages are adequate to result in an overdose to a fully grown adult. The drug is mixed with heroin to increase its power as well as minimizing the dealer’s cost. 

The campaign against the Opiate Epidemic in Ohio

Fentanyl has become commonly abused in Elyria for the previous three years. The city reported about 213 overdose cases and 33 fatalities in the year 2017. The majority of these cases were a result of fentanyl. Elyria City authorities have taken various measures to prevent such losses from taking place. Lorain County has begun the DAWN Project to assist people facing addiction problems who desperately need and deserve help.

Addiction Treatment ProgramsThe project is a community-based program that applies more efforts in education of overdose and training the attendees on how to detect overdose signs and symptoms.

The project is also facilitating the availability of Naloxone, commonly referred to as Narcan; it is a lifesaving medication that can reverse the impacts of an overdose of opioids.

The classes of Project DAWN are free and open to the public. The classes provide lessons on applying and administering Narcan, and more information concerning the drug is also provided. Lessons on how to differentiate different types of overdoses and perform rescue breathing are also offered. The attendees are even given a prescription of Narcan to leave with it or a personal home kit.

In case you or a person you love, either a family member or a friend, is suffering from addiction, drug, or substance abuse, visit us today for treatment. At 90210 Recovery, our staff at Elyria alcohol rehab, Ohio, are ready to offer you, much-needed assistance. Our office calls are usually free and confidential to our clients. We assure our clients and other people struggling with drug and substance abuse that it is possible to have a better life.  

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