Do you have alcohol or drug dependence and seek help towards treatment, you are in the right place. Our treatment services are top quality, and our costs are reasonable. Our treatment covers all types of addiction; our programs address alcohol and drug addictions. 

Our main objective is to offer top of range treatment at our rehab facility to our patients. Our programs include inpatient treatment, detox, and aftercare. 

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Easton

Inpatient treatment centers in EastonThere are treatment options available for people struggling with alcohol or substance use disorder. Some of the available addiction treatment options include:

  • Residential or inpatient treatment
  • Medical detox
  • Outpatient rehab
  • Individual therapy and group therapy
  • Support and recovery groups

Inpatient Treatment Centers in Easton

An inpatient treatment plan is most suitable for patients who are suffering from severe addiction. Before enrolling for treatment in an outpatient rehab near your home area, it is good to seek treatment in a residential facility. Inpatient treatment requires the patient to live within the facility all through the treatment period. 

In an inpatient setting, the patient is placed under strict supervision and monitoring day and night. A patient undergoing inpatient treatment cannot attend to other responsibilities at home, school, or work. 

Holistic Treatment

At 90210 Recovery, we offer holistic treatment to ensure proper recovery of the mind. Our programs are meant to address every need of the patient. Besides substance and alcohol addiction, a patient may also be suffering from mental health disorders. If not addressed, such issues may result in relapse. 

The patients also attend group and individual therapy as well as other educative sessions. Our therapists give the patient lessons on time management, nutrition, and general health.

Is Substance Abuse Treatment Right For You?

If you have a severe alcohol addiction and tried to quit unsuccessfully, enroll in an inpatient program or a higher level of care. Addiction treatment necessitates that the specialists take the patients through various steps. Depending on the patient’s progress or needs, the therapist may recommend outpatient treatment. If your addiction is not severe or you need to attend school or go to work, the admission expert may recommend outpatient treatment.

Why Go to Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Easton?

Addiction treatment centers near you

Psychologist working with addicted teenagers during rehab in mental hospital

For you to recover from alcoholism, you must purposefully change your lifestyle and perceptions. The advantage of undergoing treatment at a residential facility is that the specialists will establish any other problem. This is accomplished through dual diagnosis. Most people suffering from substance use disorders could also have other underlying conditions.

If the co-occurring mental health disorders such as trauma and behavioral issues are not addressed, addiction could re-occur. Intensive care treats the physical body first through detox. The detox process ensures that all toxic substances are removed from the body. 

After the toxins are out of your system, therapists begin treating the brain. Learning coping skills, healthy boundaries, and stress management significantly increases the chances of maintaining permanent sobriety. Our qualified therapists take their time to address the hidden reasons behind your addiction to substances thoroughly. 

Choosing the Right Substance Abuse Treatment Program 

Some people begin abusing drugs because of the pleasant effects after using them, while others start using substances to self-medicate mental issues. Some pain-relieving medicines may also cause dependence after some time. People who have suffered faced traumatic events may also tend to seek solace in alcohol or other substances. However, this may eventually lead to dependence. 

There being so many treatment programs, choosing the right plan for you can be a difficult task. This is why our specialists work with you and your family to figure out the right treatment plan for you. Some of the factors that need to be considered are the type of drug, the duration of use, and the severity of the addiction. 

Substance and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Duration

Detox centers in EastonTreatment duration is determined by the severity of the condition of the patient. For patients struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, if an opportunity to attend a long-term addiction treatment is presented, taking that opportunity is the best cause of action.

Addiction treatment programs last differently. Long-term alcohol and substance abuse treatments typically comprise medical detox, inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment, typically combined with sober living programs. 

How Addiction Treatment Looks Like

Are you looking for a comprehensive and useful drug and alcohol addiction treatment program? Then worry more! At 90210 Recovery, we focus on the full recovery of our patients’ mental and physical state. Our treatment programs are tailored and structured to address the specific needs of our patients. Our highly experienced staff ensures that our patients receive personalized addiction treatment. Contact us today and let us be part of the addiction treatment that you need and deserve.

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