Alcohol addiction treatment in EastchesterThe goal of our rehab center is to guide our clients and their loved ones to a better life. Our inpatient and outpatient drug rehab center operates under this objective. Substance use disorder brings a set of problems including a grim future prospect, lack of self-worth, hopelessness, anxiety, and depression. 

Clients are dealing with health problems, legal problems, family problems, and numerous other problems, not forgetting the drug or alcohol addiction they are searching for help for.

Families and individuals are constantly looking for a solution to a situation that seems unsolvable. Most of them admit to questioning the feasibility, affordability, and effectiveness of our treatment program. We have treatment options in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA.

What is the Nature of an Eastchester Alcohol Rehab?

An Eastchester alcohol rehab and drug rehab provides everything required by individuals to create and implement a strategy to recover from drug and alcohol addiction and improve their quality of life quality.

 The clients develop a plan crafted around the resources and needs of the person and their family.

Both the drug and alcohol rehab programs provide detox services and medication management. Clients progress in their drug or alcohol treatment program with counseling sessions for the family, couple, and individual. 

The alcohol and drug rehab in Beverly Hills facilitates support and group therapy and support with other local clients to improve their lives. 

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab in Eastchester

Eastchester alcohol rehab centersOur intensive outpatient treatment programs combine the same personalized services like our general outpatient program with 6-9 treatment hours every week. The 6-9 weeks comprise sessions with psycho-educational service staff, health and wellness staff, group therapists, family therapists, individual therapists, and our medical doctor.

The program is less involving than the partial hospital program but significantly more involving than outpatient alcohol use treatment and outpatient medication/detoxification management. Intensive outpatient programs take 2-3 hours a day, with 17 to not less than 9 hours a week unless transitioning.

Clinical interventions provided include psycho-educational, medication management, group therapies, family and couple, and individual psychotherapy.

Residential or Inpatient Alcohol Rehab 

If you a resident of Eastchester you may wish to undergo an inpatient or residential alcohol rehab treatment. Going for treatment outside your city can be a good idea to get away from your drinking buddies and familiar surroundings. 

One of the places you can go to is 90210 Recovery in Beverly Hills Los Angeles, CA.

We have residential treatment centers for men and women grappling with alcohol use problems. This form of residential treatment includes several interventions designed to facilitate healing and make recovery a reality. 

We have qualified addiction specialists who are aware of the needs of struggling addicts and co-occurring mental illnesses. The care is facilitated 24 hours a day to provide guidance, encouragement, and support while navigating the road to a sober life.

Enrolling in The Rehab Of Choice 

Eastchester rehabilitation facilitiesAddiction is a disease that can affect anyone, from the young to the old. It is important to recognize addiction in a good time and seek treatment before it starts to cause problems at work, with family, and in other aspects of one’s life. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol use addiction in Eastchester, contact 90210 Recovery at (844) 462 – 8571. Our programs will see you achieve and maintain full recovery.

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