Although luxury rehab programs are comfortable and effective, they can be very pricey. They provide the highest level of care in a facility that has the best amenities. They also offer individualized approaches that aim at increasing the chances of achieving sobriety. 

Our specialists have extensive knowledge of all substance abuse programs. Our 90210 luxury addiction treatment facility is set in the most serene and comfortable location. If you want to start your sobriety journey, you should reach out to us and we will help you get started immediately.

Medically Assisted Detoxification  in East Fishkill

Drug and alcohol rehabs in East FishkillDetoxification, or detox, is the first step towards recovery. It is the process of letting the body get rid of the drugs and toxins accumulated over time from the prolonged use of that particular drug.

The main purpose of detox is to safely manage the withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping the use of a substance. Everyone’s experience with detox is different. The drug used and length of use are the determinants of the detox experience.

Medication used in detox helps keep the patient comfortable by easing the withdrawal symptoms. The length of withdrawal is also dependent on several factors such as;

  • Underlying mental health issues.
  • Medical conditions
  • Genetic makeup
  • Family history
  • Amount of substance one takes
  • Method of abuse(swallowing, injecting, smoking, or snorting)
  • The severity of the addiction 
  • Duration of addiction 
  • Substance of addiction

Inpatient Drug Rehab in  East Fishkill

The inpatient rehab program is a residential treatment center where the clients live on campus. 

Their length of stay depends on factors such as the existence of co-occurring mental health issues, whether the person has been to rehab before, and the severity of the addiction. 

Inpatient programs offer the highest level of care with medically monitored detoxification and 24/7 support and care. These programs also offer family therapy programs where they participate in family counseling and other activities. They learn about addiction, factors that could trigger a relapse, and how they can actively be involved in their loved one’s healing process by providing support and encouragement.

Over time, it has been proven that enrolling in a residential treatment program provides a better chance at recovery. Benefits of choosing an inpatient rehab center include:

  • You are surrounded by a support system of counselors and fellow patients
  • Medical professionals are present to ensure a safe and healthy detox and treatment process.
  • One is free from negative influences, distractions, and outside triggers
  • A highly organized, comfortable, and safe environment

Aftercare and Alumni programs in  East Fishkill

East Fishkill drug rehabAn aftercare program is a form of support system incorporated after leaving a rehab center to help prevent relapse. It provides resources, interventions, and activities to help a patient cope with cravings, stress, and triggers that they may encounter after treatment. Your plan may include:

  • Attending group and individual counseling sessions
  • Reaching out to a sponsor and various members of your sober support system
  • Staying in a sober living home
  • Participating in an alumni program 
  • The risk of relapse is highest in the first few months of leaving rehab. It is at this point that people face difficulties transitioning out of treatment thus the importance of an aftercare program.

The major aim of an alumni program is to bring recovering people together for continued support. It creates an opportunity to meet other people that have similar experiences as yourself, receive encouragement and advice, and discuss your struggles and experiences. It may also involve sober fun activities so you can start enjoying life without using drugs or alcohol 

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At our rehab center, we provide an array of programs geared toward helping an individual reach their full sobriety potential. 

We offer programs such as inpatient treatment programs that involve; medically supported withdrawal and detox, medically supported maintenance care, individual therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy, couples, and family counseling, and alumni and aftercare services among others

You will be comfortable at our facility with our state of the art amenities and breathtaking views. You will also have access to yoga and meditation classes, a private gym, and a pool to help you relax between treatment sessions. Our private accommodation will also offer you the confidentiality you deserve. Do not hesitate to call us on +1 844-462-8571 and experience healing in a luxurious setting

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